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Cory in the House: Newt and Improved Edition

Cory in the House: Newt and Improved Edition

DVD Release Date: May 27, 2008
Rating: U.S. ‘TV-G’, Canada ‘G’
Studio: Walt Disney Video

Cast: Kyle Massey, Jason Dolley, Maiara Walsh

Cory Baxter rocks the White House in a quartet of hilarious misadventures including one uproarious never-before-seen escapade when Cory in the House: Newt and Improved Edition comes to DVD May 27, 2008 from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. The DVD also includes a very special bonus feature—an insider’s look behind the scenes of the Disney Channel hit comedy series Cory in the House with special appearances by the show’s rising young cast!

Kyle Massey (That’s So Raven) stars as teen Cory Baxter, a budding entrepreneur with a talent for getting himself—and his pals—in hot water by launching some of the most hare brained get-rich-quick schemes ever. His digs in the staff quarters of the White House are headquarters for Cory and his best friends Newton “Newt” Livingston III (Jason Dolley, breakout star of the hit Disney Channel Original Movie Minutemen) and Meena Paroom (Maiara Walsh) as they make an indelible mark on the nation’s capitol—while still trying to finish middle school.


  • Breakin’ Down Cory in the House – What could better than an all-new episode of Cory in the House? How about a chance to witness the episode’s creation from start to finish? This bonus featurette is an all-access pass that allows viewers to experience a week in the life of a television show, from first brainstorming session to final cut. Behind the scenes secrets, closed door rehearsals and commentary from key members of the cast and crew make this a must see for fans and aspiring television auteurs.
  • Music Video
    Now that Cory (Kyle Massey) and his dad (Rondell Sheridan) are settled into life in the White House, Cory is cooking up even zanier schemes with his friends Newt (Jason Dolley) and Meena (Maiara Walsh). Viewers will laugh out loud as Cory and Meena dream up a clever plan to help Newt in the “romantical department” and get land first kiss. Cory and Newt clash when they have to write a hot new song for their band—before sundown! And things really heat up when Cory almost destroys the cherished Presidential Seal and Newt comes up with an outrageous idea for a replacement. All this and they still have to pass Chemistry, steer clear of Sophie (Madison Pettis) and avoid causing any diplomatic crises.

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