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Middle Child Syndrome

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Everybody loves the first child, and the youngest always wins, but what about the middle one?

For Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s Greg Heffley who features in the upcoming family release Diary of a Wimpy Kid which arrives on Blu-ray Disc/DVD Combo Pack and DVD, life’s all about surviving the lamest thing in the world - middle school. What with wedgies, bullies and a festering piece of cheese with cooties to contend with it’s not going to be easy. To top things off Greg’s also a middle child; barely acknowledged by his older brother and always loser to Manny the apple of his parents eye.

But Greg’s not alone - take a look at our favourite middle kids who really take the cake. Middle kids we salute you:

    Samantha Baker – 16 Candles
    Poor Sam it’s her 16th birthday and she’s the only one who knows it. Her folks are so wrapped up in her older sister Ginny’s wedding plans that they have completely forgotten about Sam’s day.

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid Lisa Simpson – The Simpsons
    Lisa is the much loved but often over looked middle child of the Simpson family and boy does she know it; on her birthday she sings: “happy birthday to me, happy birthday overlooked middle child, happy birthday to me.”

    Jan Brady – The Brady Bunch
    It’s always Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! At least that’s what geeky Jan thinks; permanently compared to her pretty popular sister she always feels pushed out of the Brady clan.

    Malcolm - Malcolm in the Middle
    As the title suggest the shows main character Malcolm really is in the middle. His super intelligence separates him from the rest of his dysfunctional family leaving Malcolm to always feel like the odd one out.

    Darlene Connor – Roseanne
    Gothy Darlene feels second best and is constantly overshadowed by her siblings. There’s Becky the smart and beautiful older sister and DJ, the only boy and baby of the family, but where does quirky Darlene fit in?

    Alex Russo – Wizards of Waverly Place
    As the only girl in a family of wizards, Alex is constantly in trouble for misusing magic and always prime suspect when things go wrong. Her goody toe shoes older brother Justin is always top dog while Max can do no wrong.

    Joe Jonas – The Jonas Brothers
    Perhaps not really suffering from middle child syndrome, due to his popularity, but as part of one of the world’s most well-liked boy bands, Joe Jonas has to fight alongside his two brothers for his time in the spotlight

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