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Blu-ray Disc and DVD August 31st! Marmaduke

The fire fighting Dalmatian isn't the only working dog in town - there are many other types of heroic doggies, from the Seeing Eye dog to the St. Bernard Mountain Rescue ranger.

In Marmaduke, the Great Dane tries to so save his friend from drowning, just like Newfoundlands do with people in real life.

Now, take a look at some well known pet professions and pick up Marmaduke out on Blu-ray Disc and DVD August 31st!


Doggie Jobs:

    Border Collie

  • Border Collies - Border Collies are often used for herding sheep and other livestock on farms because of their natural pack instinct. They take direction well even from a distance which makes them ideal for working. They will also protect their charges from predators like wolves and coyotes.

  • St. Bernards - St. Bernards have a long history serving as rescue dogs, especially in the mountains. They are known for their size and strength which helps them rescue people who have been trapped. St. Bernards are comfortable in the cold and have a keen sense of direction so it is no wonder they were often used in avalanche territory.


  • Newfoundlands - These dogs are also often used for rescue but are more suitable for doing so in the water. Newfoundlands are excellent swimmers because of their webbed feet and their water-resistant coats make them likely lifeguards. This makes them particularly common aboard lifeguard boats and out at sea.

  • Dalmatians - Dalmatians are often associated with and were used in iconic imagery of the firehouse. They were originally engaged by firemen to clear the path for fire trucks that were pulled by horses because of the congenial nature of both animals. Even though horses are no longer employed the canines have stuck around to guard the house and the firemen.

    German Shepherd

  • Bloodhounds - As their name might suggest, these dogs have an excellent sense of smell, not just for blood. While in the past this skill may have been used for hunting, bloodhounds are often used as tracking and search dogs for missing people, drugs, etc.

  • Beagles - These intelligent dogs may be small but don't let their size mislead you. Because people aren't automatically wary of them, beagles can be used in places like airports and train stations as detection dogs. Their sense of smell is excellent for uncovering drugs, explosives and other forms of contraband.

  • German Shepherds - German shepherds are loyal and smart and can be trained to do a number of tasks. They often serve as guard or enforcement dogs for the police. So even though their size can intimidate this can be useful for cops and the military that need to instill fear in suspects.

  • Labrador Retrievers - Labs are athletic and usually friendly creatures which make them great for working as guide dogs. They have are a known to be intelligent and mature at a young age so they can trained to assist the visually and hearing impaired.

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