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Cole Sprouse

Cole Sprouse

Cole was named for the jazz singer and pianist Nat King Cole. His list of favorites include math, the color blue and a great love for animals. He also enjoys video games and all types of sports including motorcross, snowboarding and surfing. He was born in Arezzo, Italy and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Cole Sprouse is one of Hollywood's most eminent rising stars.

He currently stars as the introspective Cody Martin in Disney Channel's sitcom "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." Cole stars alongside his identical twin brother, Dylan Sprouse, for the first time in a separate role.

On the big screen, Cole and Dylan made their acting debut in Dennis Dugan's "Big Daddy" opposite Adam Sandler. Cole and Dylan's memorable performance as the child Sandler's character adopts to impress his girlfriend helped the film debut at number one opening weekend. "Big Daddy" went on to gross more than $235 million worldwide. Cole also starred in Rand Ravich's "The Astronaut's Wife" opposite Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron, Perry Andelin Blake's "Master of Disguise" and Seth Kearsley's "Eight Crazy Nights."

On television, Cole and Dylan established themselves on the critically acclaimed ABC comedy series "Grace Under Fire" as Brett Butler's youngest child, Patrick Kelly from 1993-1998. Cole and Dylan then went on to star on NBC's hit series "Friends" as David Schwimmer's son Ben Geller from 2000-2002.

Recently, Cole and Dylan partnered with Dualstar Entertainment Group to launch the Sprouse Bros. brand aimed to be the quintessential lifestyle brand for boys and young men.

Dylan Sprouse   Cole Sprouse

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