It’s The Kids Turn

Welcome to, a collaborative blog that centers on children. We discuss ways you can creatively help your children to learn, play, and grow. Whether it is looking at new books you can read to them, toys that both entertain as well as build life skills, or home furnishings that help you keep their spaces both functional and cute – we have you covered. We’ve raised several children of our own, so we understand how awesome it is to find that perfect product or piece of advice that helps you meet your kids’ needs in an innovative way. That is our goal with Kid’s Turn Central – to give you the kind of assistance we’ve been so grateful for over the years, and make you an informed shopping mama.


learning to readOne of the most important jobs of any parent is the initial education of their children. While they should continue to pour into their child’s life as they grow, the work they do in the early stages of a child’s life has significant impact that can last a lifetime.

Reading to your children at an early age is an excellent way to instill a love for reading and learning that will follow them for a lifetime. And it helps develop the bond between parent and child. That is why we at Kid’s Turn love books, and are always looking at new titles for parents to read to their kids, as well as books that young readers will want to pick up and not put down.

But reading isn’t the only type of learning that a parent can encourage. Good parenting involves an almost endless variety of learning toys and tools that can help a child start the path as a lifelong learner. Everything from simple shape and color toys, to beginner instruments, all the way through learning puzzles, games, and more. And don’t forget online education – there’s excellent software available for computers, tablets, and cell phones that can keep kids engaged and learning. Getting some preschool lesson plans to start different learning activities with your child is a great way to begin.


children playingOne of the most enjoyable experiences for me as a parent was watching my children playing together. The creativity and fun that had with everything from sidewalk chalk to puzzles, and from dress up clothes to board games was a joy to witness. Even at a very early age their unique personalities and sense of humor was evident.

That is why we spend a lot of time looking at the latest fun games and toys available for kids. Life isn’t all about learning, and even in play some great lessons can be found. Some children will naturally gravitate towards creative expression using paints and clay, while others will gravitate towards building toys like blocks and Legos.

And don’t forget sports – kids love basketball, baseball, soccer, and other types of individual and team sports. Many a famous athlete got their start when mom or dad but a ball in their hands, or purchased a trampoline for kids. Athletics help build character in a child, and give you opportunities to learn about winning, losing, and the joy of competition. They also can set your child on a life-long path of fitness, which is a goal every parent should strive for. For help with that task, check out our review of the best fitness trackers for kids.


Kids Living SpaceChildren bring life and laughter into a home, so it is important to make it a place that is welcoming, comfortable, and functional. That means furniture that can accommodate little bodies (and safety devices like toddler bed rails when they are really little), and decorations that allow them to enjoy their space and express their personalities. Thankfully there are chairs, desks, tables, and beds (see our review of the best crib mattresses to make them comfortable) that are perfectly sized for child use.

Decorations are a big part of growing up, and giving your kids a chance to express themselves by choosing colors, posters, drapes, and bedding in their bedrooms is a great way to allow them to customize their personal space. You might even find that some of your kids have a flair for interior design, and give them more opportunities to influence other areas of your home.

And don’t forget clothing. Kids have a habit of growing, which means there is an endless cycle of buying clothes, washing clothes, and then passing along clothes that no longer fit. Shirts, pants, shorts, and sweats, jackets, hats, gloves, and more – a home with children is constantly moving though the clothing cycle. We try to help with that too, offering suggestions for brands and styles that are comfortable, fashionable, and will last through several sets of kids.

Good nutrition is also a vital part of growing up. Teaching kids how to care for themselves starts with a proper diet rich with healthy foods (and supplemented with the best gummy vitamins), paired with moderate eating habits. And teaching kids to cook and prepare their own food at an early age sets them up for a healthy future.