1T vs 12 months Baby Clothes

folded pile of 1T baby clothes

In some stores, you will find the baby clothing size 1T. This simply stands for ‘1 toddler’, and although it’s similar to a 12-month baby size, there are several subtle differences.

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What size does a 1 year old wear?

It goes without saying that there is no fixed size a baby should wear, as it all depends on their weight, height, and shape. If your baby is in a high percentile for height and/or weight, they will most likely need a larger size than a baby who is on the lower end of the scale. However, there are general steps you can follow to ensure your baby is wearing well-fitting clothing.

  • Firstly, use your child’s weight to research which size fits them best. For example, babies weighing between 20-24 pounds will often fit into 12-month clothing, and 24-28 pound babies tend to need the 18-month size.
  • Secondly, research the size guide of the brand you’re buying from, as sizes can run smaller or larger than normal for certain brands.
  • Finally, simply try out different clothing sizes in a store (if you can – although it may not be that convenient or comfortable!) This is good practice anyway as you may find that your child fits into one size for tops, one for pants, and yet another one for bodysuits.

Do not fret if your baby doesn’t fit into the same size as the average one year old. Unless your doctor has expressed concern, it is perfectly normal for them to fit into a slightly smaller or larger size.

What does 1T mean in baby clothes?

In baby clothes, 1T is the next size up from 12 months. It’s a great option for children who are between the 12-month and the 18-month sizing, as parents often struggle to find well-fitting clothing at this age. As the ‘T’ stands for toddler, this size works best for babies who are walking. This is because 1T clothing is designed for babies who are no longer wearing diapers, and who are more mobile.

Overall, clothing brands who sell baby clothes in 1T are helping out parents whose children aren’t completely comfortable in 12-month or 18-month clothing. It’s not that common though and most retailers stock up to 24 month clothing and then switch to 2T.

1T vs 18 months – What’s the difference?

The 18-month size is slightly larger than 1T as it’s made for babies who are between 12 and 18 months old rather than around 12 months old. However, the shape may also be different, as this clothing size is made for babies who may still be crawling. Another key thing to consider is that the style may be less mature as it’s designed for a baby as opposed to a toddler.

Is 1T the same as 12 months?

No, 1T is not the same as 12 months. It is slightly larger and, as it is designed for mobile babies, there are different features on 1T clothing, such as longer pant legs. Another key thing to mention is that it’s much more common to see 12-month clothing than it is to see the 1T size, particularly as the latter is not prevalent in other countries such as the UK. However, it is more common to see larger toddler sizes in the US, such as 2T and 3T.

Is 24 months the same as 1T?

No, a baby who fits into 24-month clothing will not fit into 1T clothing, as the latter is made for toddlers who have only just outgrown 12-month clothing. 24 months would be closer to the 2T size, though it would be better suited to children who aren’t yet walking.

What is 1T in European and UK sizes?

There is no direct equivalent to 1T in the UK and Europe, so it’s important to recognise it as being slightly larger than 12-month clothing. There are measurements you can use to determine whether your child will fit into 1T clothing – generally, this clothing size fits babies with a chest measurement of 21”, a waist of 20”, hips of 22”, a height of 35”, a torso of 8.5”, and a weight of around 30 pounds.

What is the 12 month baby clothing size?

The 12-month baby clothing size is designed for babies of around one-year-old who are still crawling. Generally, this size fits babies who weigh 20-24 pounds with a height of 28 to 30 inches.

It’s essential that you ensure your baby fits into 12-month clothing based on their measurements rather than purely their age, as sizes vary so much for babies. If you dress your baby in well-fitting clothes, they will be more comfortable, they will be able to move more easily and they will generally be happier.

On the other hand, dressing your baby in the wrong size can cause them a great deal of discomfort, which often leads to tears and tantrums. What’s more, if they can’t move very well, they will struggle to practise becoming more mobile, which could have a negative effect on their development.

What is 12 month size in European and UK sizes?

In the UK, the 12-month size is the same as in the US. However, in Europe, you will see this labelled as 80cm. It’s important to note that you should always see a baby clothing size, such as 12 months, as an upper limit. For example, you should view the 12 month size as meaning ‘up to 12 months’. This means that 12 month clothing usually fits babies between 9-12 months, rather than just 12-month babies.

What size is a 12 month baby?

The size that a 12-month baby should wear depends on their height, weight, shape, and whether they are walking or not. Generally, a 12-month old baby of an average height and weight will fit into 18-month clothing.

However, if your baby is small for their age, you could try them in standard 12-month clothing that is made to fit 9-12 month olds. Alternatively, if they are walking, you could try them in the 1T size or the 2T size for larger babies. Always make sure to research the brand of clothing before you select the size, as some brands are known for having unusual sizing.

You can look for a chart that shows you where popular brands fall on the sizing scale. For example, this helpful chart reveals that Carter’s baby clothing is true to size in every way, whereas if you purchase from Nike, you should be aware that their clothes run long and narrow.