Babyletto Modo vs Hudson Crib

baby in a babyletto modo crib

One of the most fun aspects in preparing for a baby is designing the nursery. From choosing the colour scheme, to picking the furniture, you’ll want to create a space which is both stylish and comfortable for your baby. And without question, the most important item to get right is the crib.

You need to factor in size and design when you’re buying one of these as they do take up a lot of space, and they need to fit with the shape and layout of your baby’s room.

In this article, I’ll take a detailed look at two popular options and see which is right for you; the Babyletto Modo and the Babyletto Hudson crib.

Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Baby Crib


  • Maximum recommended weight: 50lbs
  • Dimensions:  54 x 30 x 34.5 inches
  • Colors: White or Grey/White
  • Made from New Zealand pine wood


The Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 convertible crib goes from a standard crib to a toddler bed and a daybed when you need it. Made out of New Zealand pine wood, this crib also has four adjustable mattress positions and can accommodate a toddler weighing up to 50 pounds.

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This bed is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which means it is thoroughly screened for dangerous toxins and chemicals. Not only is it lead- and phthalate-free, but it has a nontoxic finish that will never hurt your child. Although it is easy to put together, you can order the Babyletto Modo crib either assembled or unassembled.

Of course, this bed is about far more than just safety, although its sturdiness is a very important feature. It is also a stunning baby crib that will match any nursery’s décor. The Babyletto Modo crib is also a very reasonably priced crib, especially when you consider how long you’ll be able to use it. Your child can use it as a baby, toddler, and as they get older, you can even use the bed as a daybed for your spare bedroom or living area.

All parents want a safe, reliable crib for their baby’s nursery, and you can purchase the Babyletto Modo crib with peace of mind because it is made out of high-quality wood and it’s guaranteed to be safe the entire time you use it.


  • A strong, well-made crib built to last
  • Transitions from a crib to toddler bed to daybed with ease
  • Great value for money
  • 4 adjustable mattress positions
  • Meets US CSPC and ASTM international safety standards


  • It seems some people find it hard attaching the toddler rails.
  • No teething guards included
  • Some complaints about the frame arriving damaged (although this is likely just a fault with the handling of the product, not the crib itself)

Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Baby Crib


  • Maximum recommended weight: 50lbs
  • Dimensions:  54 x 30 x 35 inches
  • Colors:  Black, Espresso, Espresso/White, Grey, Natural, White
  • Made from New Zealand pine wood

Made in a mid-Century, modern design, the Babyletto Hudson baby crib is made out of a sustainable and renewable type of wood – New Zealand pine.

Not only that, but it comes with a conversion kit that helps you easily and quickly go from crib to toddler bed to daybed whenever you need to. It is also screened for more than 10,000 chemicals and VOCs, so it is guaranteed to be safe for children. The finish contains a lead and phthalate-free finish that will never harm your baby.

Like the Modo crib, the Babyletto Hudson meets all international and U.S. safety standards.

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The Babyletto Hudson crib also comes in a variety of colors, including white, black, Espresso, grey, and a washed-natural look, which means it will complement any nursery’s décor. With four adjustable mattress positions, you can even accommodate babies as they learn to stand up in their crib,

When you purchase this crib, it can save you a lot of money in the long term because you can use it as a standard crib, toddler bed, and later on, as aa daybed. It’s a good eco-friendly option and it accommodates all standard-sized baby mattresses. So if you want an attractive, but safe baby crib, the Hudson 3-in-1 crib is a great option.

You can even choose matching furniture from the same company, complementing the entire nursery and create a great-looking room that everyone is sure to notice. The crib is built to last and it’s super-easy to put together.


  • A high-quality and sturdy crib made to last a long time
  • Converts quickly and simply to a toddler bed or daybed
  • Completely nontoxic and safe
  • 4 adjustable mattress positions.


  • Some reports that some pre-drilled screw holes are missing on the crib (this doesn’t seem a widespread problem though at all)
  • There are some concerns about babies getting their legs stuck in the bars (some crib bumpers can help with this)

The bottom line

The Babyletto Modo is currently a little cheaper than the Hudson, but there’s not a big difference between the two options. Both have similar designs, similar dimensions and both have 3 in 1 options so they’ll last as long as each other. The Hudson does have more colour options though, so this can make things easier when you’re planning your baby’s nursery. However, if you wanted the Modo you always have the option of painting the crib to a colour of your choice.

In our opinion, we would probably go for the Babyletto Modo purely because it seems slightly better value than the Hudson.


Is the Babyletto Modo or the Hudson crib easier to assemble?

Yes, both are easy to put together but it’s best to do it with another person. Here are two timelapse videos of someone putting together both cribs. 1) 2)

Which crib is more popular?

Although I don’t have the sales figures for either if the two products, we can compare the search volume in Google to see which is more popular. The Babyletto Hudson is almost 5 times as popular as the Babyletto Modo with 2400 searches per month.

Which crib is safer?

Both cribs are safe options as they either meet or exceed the US CSPC and ASTM international safety standards. Furthermore, they are both GREENGUARD Gold certified which means all the materials have been tested for potentially harmful indoor pollutants.

What mattress should I get?

For both cribs, as they have similar dimensions, you’ll need a mattress which is 52” x 27.5” up to around 6” thick. This is a standard size, so you should be able to find a whole range of suitable mattresses.

Is it easy to get baby in and out of either crib?

Yes. With the adjustable mattress positions, even if you’re of shorter stature, you should have no problem taking your little one in and out of the Babyletto Modo or Hudson cribs.