Benefits Of Dad Talking To Their Baby In The Womb

dad holding pregnant mom's belly

So, you have a baby on the way, congratulations! Whether this is your first child or the latest addition to your family, you are probably starting to feel a mix of excitement, nerves and anticipation. And as a dad, while you are not carrying the baby yourself there are still plenty of ways to bond with your baby while they are in the womb.

One of the best ways is for dad to start talking to their baby while mum is still pregnant. It’s calming for a baby to hear their father’s voice, it gets dad involved in the pregnancy more and it helps fathers form a bond early on with their child. Keep reading to learn about this in more detail.

What are the benefits of dad talking to their baby in the womb?

First of all, there are benefits to the baby from hearing their dad’s voice regularly in the womb. It can be calming for babies and this is important for their healthy development. A relaxing environment is helpful for babies as they grow and this supports stress reduction. There are studies that link early bonds between parents and their babies in the womb that’s been followed as far as healthy development for toddler-aged children.

Secondly, for you as a dad-to-be it is important to start to bond with your baby as early as possible. This is often a tougher task for dads than moms because you are experiencing pregnancy very differently. Don’t let that put you off though. Talk to your baby whenever you can and if talking isn’t your thing try singing, reading or humming.

This will help your baby recognise your voice and identify you as one of their primary caregivers. It will also build a connection between you and your baby, and feel closer to your partner as they go through pregnancy. It’s a good feeling to be in it together as best as you can, for both of you.

Remember, if you are not physically close to your unborn child frequently you can make an audio recording and ask the mom to play it to the baby. Video or phone calls are another good option if you are away from home a lot or don’t live together with mom.

Do babies in the womb know who their dad is?

Babies in the womb know their dad before they are born if they hear your voice regularly. They may not know what being a dad means necessarily, but they will recognise their parents’ voices and feel reassured by familiar voices and sounds.

After their mom’s voice, babies typically recognise their dad’s voice the most. They will feel a sense of comfort from hearing your voice after they are born when they have heard it for weeks beforehand in the womb. Babies can get to know you from a very early age so get talking!

Can they recognize their dad’s voice?

Yes, a baby in the womb certainly can recognize both of their parent’s voices when they hear them often throughout pregnancy.

When can the baby hear their dad’s voice in the womb?

From midway through the second trimester babies can hear sounds outside the womb. This means you should start talking, singing and humming to your baby from around the second sonogram. Although you can start chatting anytime – there’s no such thing as too early! This is because all five of your baby’s senses begin to engage from around 21 weeks onwards and they start absorbing everything in the world around them.

Is it important for a dad to bond with an unborn baby?

Yes, for both dad and baby. Early bonding will help you to form immediate connections with one another, plus it can be a fun way to support your partner during pregnancy. Many pregnant moms like to share their kicks with their partners, and this shared experience is a nice way to prepare and get excited together.

Early bonding with your baby helps them to know your voice and feel safe with you from day one. It also helps your baby’s language development as some studies show that this can start even before birth.

How else can dads to bond with their baby before they are born?

  • Play them some music. Share your favourite playlist (at a gentle volume) and expose them to new sounds.
  • Read your baby a story. They will enjoy hearing your voice and you will also be starting healthy bonding and learning habits from the get-go.
  • Touch mum’s belly and rub it gently.
  • Respond to your baby’s kicks
  • Attend classes with your partner to learn about pregnancy, childbirth and caring for a newborn.
  • Research the equipment and items you will need to care for your baby. Being involved in the preparation process connects you with your new baby and will get you excited about what’s to come.
benefits of dad talking to baby in the womb