Best Baby Monitor For Camping

young parents taking their baby camping

Planning a little trip with your family in the big outdoors? Going camping with your family or friends is a lot of fun, but you have to make sure that you take precautions to keep your baby safe. When you understand the importance of a reliable baby monitor, then you are going to be more likely to invest in one for your trip.

In this blog post, we’ll look at why you may need a baby monitor for camping, what to consider when buying one, as well as some of the best options available on the market.

Why should you use a baby monitor when camping?

Babies tend to go to bed a lot earlier than adults do, but that doesn’t that you all have to retire for the night just to keep an eye on the baby. Using a baby monitor is a great way to be able to listen for problems without having to stay right by the tent or camper where the baby is sleeping.

Rather than feeling like they must peep in the door and check on their baby all the time, parents who bring a baby monitor when they go camping will enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that their baby is okay. This allows them to relax and to better enjoy themselves with their companions.

Can you use a walkie talkie as a baby monitor?

One option you might want to consider is just to use a two-way radio or walkie talkie. Most of these work over a long range and they are designed for outside use anyway. However, as your baby can’t operate the equipment, the walkie talkies would need the VOX function, which is a voice activation feature. The main disadvantages with a two way radio is the audio quality, which wouldn’t be as good as a baby monitor, and they also lack certain features (see below).

What baby monitor features should you look for when camping?

Using a baby monitor when camping in the woods is a little different than using one in a home, and parents need to make sure that they choose a monitor that has features that will keep their baby safe.

Long range

Using a baby monitor when camping in the woods is a little different than using one in a home, and parents need to make sure that they choose a monitor that has features that will keep their baby safe. One great feature to consider is an out of range indicator. This lets parents know if they have ventured too far from the campsite and lost connection with the parent unit. While this feature is very useful, make sure you also choose a long range baby monitor which will operate over a long distance.

Two Way Talk

It’s also a good idea to look for a monitor with a two way talk so that parents can soothe their child from a distance. Being able to communicate with a child over the monitor can help ease their fears when they wake up in a strange place. It goes with out saying that the device should have good sound quality.

Video Capability

A video monitor is a good idea for parents who are concerned about the safety of their baby when left alone in the tent or in a camper. Even parents who don’t use a video baby monitor at home often find that having one for camping gives them peace of mind. You probably want one with a good night vision camera as it will be very dark at night when you’re camping outside.

Battery Life

You also want a battery operated baby monitor which has a very good battery life. The last thing you want is the device to fail after only using it for a couple of hours.


Finally, make sure you opt for a portable baby monitor. While they are usually lightweight and easy to carry, if there is more than one baby unit or parent unit, with wires getting tangled up everywhere it can get a little messy.

What are the best battery-operated baby monitors for camping?

If you’re after a battery powered baby monitor to take on your travels, here are a few to consider. All of these should have fairly good battery life, but some have more features than others.

ROAR Baby Monitor

ROAR baby monitor

This is a relatively new kid on the block and having tested it out on a recent camping trip, it ticks all the boxes you need for a good baby monitor for outdoor use. The range is unbelievable (over 1000ft) and the battery life is excellent. The monitors are also very lightweight, small and portable.

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Vtech DM221-2

This audio baby monitor is a great portable option for any parent who wants a little freedom to walk around the campsite after putting the baby down to sleep. Thanks to the intercom system, parents can communicate with their child over the baby monitor.

Additionally, the Vtech ships with rechargeable batteries that offer up to 18 hours of use on just one charge, which should offer enough for a couple of nights away.

Please note, only the parent unit can use batteries. The baby units need to be plugged in, but you can use a power bank (see below) to use them when you’re camping.


  • Offers hands free use, thanks to the belt clip
  • Beeps when battery is low or connection is lost
  • Offers vibrating sound alert to tell parents that there is sound in the baby’s room
  • Very good battery life.


  • Can tend to unlink without warning
  • Unlinking causes the monitor to make a loud sound, which can wake the baby

Infant Optics DXR-8

Parents who want to be able to keep an eye on their child when they are separated at a campground will appreciate not only how clear the screen on this unit is, but also how easily it can be tilted or zoomed in to provide the best view of the baby.

The Infant Optics has changeable lenses to ensure the best view of any room and also comes with a remote thermometer and two-way talk feature for safety.


  • Powerful rechargeable battery keeps parents connected to their children
  • Features remote tilt/pan/zoom to check the baby’s room and sleeping space
  • Offers 100% digital privacy as nothing is broadcast over the internet


  • Anything interfering with the range will cause the unit to beep loudly
  • Some users report that the battery tends to stop charging correctly after about a year of use

eufy Baby Monitor

Thanks to the large screen, as well as the 110 degree view of the child’s space, parents are sure to love that they can easily keep an eye on their child at any time.

The high-quality night vision technology ensures that it’s easy to see the baby, no matter how dark it is in the room.

The built-in speaker and microphone on the eufy Baby Monitor allow for easy communication with the baby from anywhere in the home or campsite, making it easy to calm a scared or crying child.


  • Large 5” monitor makes it easy to check up on the baby
  • Sends instant alerts when the baby starts to cry
  • Instantly loads video so parents don’t have to wait to see how their child is doing


Power Bank – Marbero Portable Power Station

Rather than worrying about bringing enough batteries with them when camping or what they would do if their baby monitor died suddenly, parents who love to camp with their kids need to invest in a powerful power bank.

These are designed to quickly charge any electronics that you bring with you, making it easy to ensure that your baby monitor is always fully charged and ready to go. This power bank from Marbero is one of the most powerful options on the market and designed with safety features and with fast charging to prevent parents from worrying about the safety of their child.


  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Lots of different outputs, including USB and DC so you can power a number of different electrical devices.
  • Comes with various protection features to keep gadgets from power surges, short circuits, and overcharging


  • Battery life could be a bit longer.


While you can get baby monitors with advanced features such as a movement monitor, temperature sensor, white noise, or a breathing monitor, these might not be the most practical options to have when you’re on a camping trip (some of these options may need wifi anyway) This is because they can drain the battery more, and it creates a bit more hassle setting everything up when you might be in a cramped tent. Just choose something which is reliable, covers the basics well, and won’t let you down.


How do I keep the baby monitor from running out of battery while in the woods?

The best thing to do is to bring a baby monitor that runs on batteries and to either put in fresh batteries right before the camping trip or to bring a power bank along with you. This will ensure that you have enough power to hear if there is a problem with your child. Make sure you pick a monitor which has excellent battery life.

What’s the best way to keep the receiver with me?

Choosing a receiver that has a belt clip is the best way to ensure that you don’t accidentally set down the monitor and lose it without paying attention. These clips make it easy to attach the monitor to your pants or belt, ensuring that you always keep it with you.

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