Does A Baby Know When Their Father Touches Mom’s Belly?

husband touching his pregnant wife's belly

For any expectant parents, there is something incredibly magical seeing your baby kick when they are still in the womb. It’s a first real connection with your child and it’s something you’ll never forget.

But do babies react differently when mom touches her belly, or when dad does it? It’s hard to say for sure, but they certainly get used to mom’s voice and touch a lot easier as they are exposed to it more often. So when dad talks to his son or daughter in the womb while stroking mom’s belly, the baby may well react differently. Keep reading so we can explore this in more detail.

Does a baby know when their father touches the belly?

Babies like familiar touch and respond to those who touch them more often. This inevitably means that mom, who touches her belly often while pregnant, will be much more familiar to your baby than anyone else. Therefore fathers should also touch their partner’s bump (so long as they are comfortable with that) as often as possible. That way your baby will get used to dad’s touch as well. They may even respond differently than when mom does it, by kicking back more or perhaps not kicking at all.

This was the case when my wife was pregnant with our daughter. When I touched her belly, our baby would kick back quite strongly and more frequently than when my wife did it. Maybe it was a coincidence? I don’t know, but our baby girl definitely seemed to react differently. My son was completely the opposite and hardly kicked at all when I touched my wife’s stomach. Maybe he was being shy?

When does a baby start to feel you touching your stomach?

Babies start to develop their sense of touch in the second trimester. Around 4 months, they will feel it when mom strokes their belly, and they may well even kick back, which is a great moment as mothers feel that first physical connection with their baby.

Where should dad touch mom’s belly to feel their baby kick?

At around 19 weeks, most baby movements and kicks can be felt in the lower part of the stomach because the top of the uterus is just under the belly button. However, as your baby grows it can happen anywhere in the uterus.

Why does a baby stop moving when dad touches the belly?

Sometimes it can seem like every time you touch the belly your baby stops moving and it’s frustrating. You want to feel your baby kick and they just can’t do it at that moment. There’s a chance it is simply bad luck. Orit could be because your baby senses an unfamiliar touch and holds back. It’s a good idea to touch your partner’s pregnant belly often, even if there is no action from your baby when you do, so that they get used to you. You might just get to feel a few more kicks and movements after a while!

Remember too that your baby is more active at different times of the day and they might be resting when you touch mom’s belly. It is worth trying again later to see if they are more active then.

Why do some babies move more when dad touches the belly?

Your baby could be used to your touch and voice and feels comfortable with you. You could also just be especially lucky and catch your baby at an active time of day. Either way, enjoy your baby’s movements!

How can a pregnant mom get their baby to kick for dad?

There is a bit of luck involved with this one so be warned! Here are some tips to try:

  • Mom can touch her belly at the same time as dad to comfort the baby
  • Mom can try some gentle nudges of her belly to encourage movement
  • Mom could have a drink.
  • Mom can move around or roll over.
  • Mom and dad can sing or talk to baby.
  • Mom could have a snack.
  • Mom can shine a torch on her tummy

When can a baby hear dad’s voice in the womb?

Between 27-29 weeks of pregnancy, babies start to hear sounds outside their body, which includes your voice. Of course they will start to recognise mom’s voice first as they will be more exposed to it, but there’s no reason why they can’t become familiar with dad’s voice too. Fathers just need to talk to their baby in the womb regularly, as it is a great way for dads’ to start forming a bond with their child.

does a baby know when their father touches mom's belly

How can a father bond with an unborn baby?

We all know fathers have a special bond with their children. But is there anything dads can do to build this connection before the big day arrives? In addition to stroking mom’s belly and talking to the baby in the womb, here are three ways that dads can start forming a bond with their infant during the pregnancy.

  1. Start studying up on the pregnancy process. This way you’ll know about each milestone and understand what your partner is going though, emotionally and physically! You’ll also start to develop a connection with your unborn son or daughter at this early stage, such as knowing when their senses develop, or when their limbs start forming etc.
  2. Start preparing for the big day. Make sure you know your role as a dad when your partner goes into labor. Be supportive and get involved in the whole process. As an expectant father, you should definitely attend prenatal classes, especially if this is your first time.
  3. Make sure mom is well looked after. If you make sure mom is comfortable throughout her pregnancy, the baby will feel better as well. This might mean doing more chores around the house just to make things easier.