20 Top Hipster Baby Names for Girls and Boys in 2023

hipster kid with sunglasses outside
Hipster kids won’t be the kids who hate broccoli and eat nothing but drive-up burgers and macaroni and cheese.

They’ll be experimenting with sushi and vegan foods.

They’ll be deciding whether a gluten-free diet is better than a paleo diet.

Hipster kids are as likely to shop at a vintage or thrift store as they shop at an expensive, name-brand store.

Hipsters follow the most current trends, but they only choose things they can really call their own.

The hipster generation embraces everything full-on and really takes ownership of it.

10 Top Hipster Baby Names for Girls in 2022

Hipster girl names are a concoction of names that hang tight to flowers and light and all things natural. They float along in life to their own tunes. They are creators and fixers who can really open a can of worms. Hipster girls are setting a new trend—leaving drama in the past.

1. Pandora

In Greek mythology, Pandora’s curiosity got the best of her when she opened a mysterious box and let misery and toil escape into the world. Pandora means “all-gift.” A hipster girl is truly a gift and maybe a little trouble too.

2. Remedy

There isn’t much history for the name Remedy. This generation is creating its meaning, which is what makes it so hipster. In English, remedy means “cure” or “antidote.” New and original names are the remedy for names that have been over-used. The name, Remedy, fits the bill nicely.

3. Lyra

The Isles of Greece give Lyra its meaning. A lyre is a medieval instrument with strings. It is kind of like a small version of a harp. Think of sonnets, songs, and poems, and the gentle strums of a harp.

4. Ellowyn

The name Ellowyn means Elm Tree. It refers to the act of producing; of creating; of engendering. It reflects God bringing creation into existence. It’s the newness of life that makes the name, Ellowyn, hipster.

5. Coriana

Coriana is the hipster version of the name, Corinne. Coriana has English and French roots and means “beautiful maiden.” Hipsters have beautiful girls, making the name, Coriana, a prudent choice.

6. Poppy

Poppy is a Latin name for a colorful flower that grows in abundance. In addition to being colorful, poppies are edible, herbaceous, and medicinal. Poppy is name that is hipster because it reflects a spirit of versatility and utility.

7. Tallulah

Our Native Americans give us the name, Tallulah for a baby girl. It means running water. Tallulah Bankhead was a famous actress in the 1920’s and 1930’s. She was known for her husky voice, outrageous personality, and quick wit. Bankhead set the mark for today’s girls named Tallulah.

8. Piper

In English ancient times, a piper was a venerable occupation. The name Piper means “pipe” or “flute player.” The soft and lilting sound of the name makes it a hipster name.

9. Clover

Clover grows green and sweet. It’s an English name for trefoil, which means “three leaves.” If you find a four-leaf clover, or a girl named Clover, you are lucky indeed.

10. Prue

Prudence is the medieval form of the Latin name, Prudentia. It means “good judgement.” It was good judgement for hipsters to trim down the name, Prudence, to simply, Prue.

10 Top Hipster Baby Names for Boys in 2022

Hipster names for boys have meanings that take revert back to nature, just like many hipster girl names. Names for hipster boys nudge them to be adventurous; to take risks. They will be the types of leaders who think outside of the box. They’ll set trends in fashion, too, but they make their real mark by changing the world.

1. Bracken

Fair-skinned boys in Ireland get speckled or spotted with freckles when they spend time in the sun. In Gaelic, speckles and spots are called breac, which is where the name, Bracken came from. Hipsters favor health over vanity, so sunscreen is the name of the game for hipster boys named Bracken.


The name Cobi is an English name which means “supplanter,” or “one who overtakes another.” Hipsters with the name, Cobi, are movers and shakers. They just do it in a really nice way.

3. Butch

Butch, a nickname for a butcher, took root in America, where beef cattle, pigs, and chickens are in large supply in midwestern and southwestern farms. Hipsters were quick to claim the name, Butch, as one of their own.

4. Gulliver

In Old France, the name, Gulliver, comes from the word, goulafre, or glutton. It means “greedy,” so perhaps it came with the Normans. Lemuel Gulliver was the main character in Jonathan Swift’s novel, “Gulliver’s Travels.” The hipster name calls out the spirit of adventure for boys named Gulliver.

5. Hudson

In England, the name Hudson means “the son of the hooded man.” Maybe it’s reflective of naming hipster boys after famous rivers or maybe it came with the popularity of “hoodies” or hooded sweatshirts. The name, Hudson, is hipster all the way.

6. Kingston

An expansion of the English name, King, the name Kingston has transitioned from a title and a surname, to a given name. It means from “the king’s village” or “estate.” Kingston became hipster when it transitioned to a hipster boy’s first name.

7. Fergus

Fergus is the Old Irish spelling of the popular Irish, Manx, and Scottish name of Feargus. It means “man-strength” or “virility.” Fergus is a hipster name that is unique, uncommon, and full of character.

8. Caspian

Caspian is an inland sea that is located between Russia and Iran. Caspian was also the name of a fictional sea king. Caspian is a fine name choice for boys who are the natural sort and are as strong as the waves in the sea.

9. Huxley

The name, Huxley, hails from England. It means “from Hugh’s meadow.” Everything in the meadow is alive, green, and sustainable. Huxley is a hipster name that will stick around for a few years, because it’s really that hip.

10. Willoughby

Huxley is to the meadow as Willoughby is to the willow farm. We thank the English for sharing this trendy, hipster name with the rest of the world.