Picasso Tiles vs Playmags

child playing with picasso tiles

Magnetic tiles are great toys for kids to play and learn with. There are endless possibilities for them to harness their creativity, plus there are lots of other activities you can set up for them using the tiles. The question then is which tiles should you buy? Let’s look at two popular brands, Picasso Tiles vs. Playmags to help you decide.

What are Picasso tiles?

Picasso tiles are a brand of magnetic tiles that cater to children’s play and learning. They offer several sets of tiles including starter packs with up to 100 pieces and add-on extras like vehicle bases, a race track and a marble run. The tiles come in different colours and geometric shapes for your child to get building right away.

Picasso 100 piece set

All of the tiles and vehicle bases are made of plastic and have magnets that run along each edge. The tiles stick together from edge to edge and are strong enough to build large structures and towers.

Do Picasso tiles break easily?

No, they are strong overall and will stand up to lots of play over many years. They usually cope with being thrown, dropped and when those amazing towers come falling down. That being said, they will of course fare better on carpeted surfaces than hardwood floors.

Are Picasso tiles safe?

Yes, Picasso tiles are safe to use and play with for children. The magnets inside are well protected and would only come out if they were severely damaged, which is unlikely. They do not have metal rivets in each corner like some other brands which provide extra security.

Are they BPA free?

Picasso tiles are BPA free which is good news for that time your child pretends a tile is a slice of toast and takes a bite! This means that the plastic material the tiles are made from is safe for children to play with.

What age are Picasso tiles suitable for?

Picasso tiles are aimed at children aged 3+. This is a good age guide in general for magnetic tiles and building blocks because from 3 years old children are ready to start building larger structures. They also begin to understand that it is alright if their design falls down and breaks apart – they can always start again. That being said, there is no reason that younger children can’t play with the tiles under supervision. They may just need more help from you.

How do you clean a Picasso tile?

Wipe the Picasso tiles with a clean, damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Avoid fully submerging them so they don’t hold onto water and become rusty or moldy. Let them dry out fully after cleaning before you store them away.

How big are Picasso tiles?

The regular square shaped tile is 3” by 3” and the other tile shapes mostly fit along that 3” edge. There are some larger square pieces you may get in your set that are 6” by 6”.

Pros and cons of Picasso tiles


  • Affordable: Compared to other brands on the market Picasso tiles are very reasonably priced.
  • Variety of sets: Picasso tiles offer some variety that you don’t see with other companies. They offer a marble run, race track and some other fun extras.

Picasso RaceTrack Set


  • Strength: Picasso tiles have a different style of reinforcements in the middle of each tile than other brands. Some reviewers find them less effective than say, Magna-Tiles.
  • Safety: Picasso tiles do not have metal rivets on each corner like other brands which may make it easier for them to come apart.

What are Playmags?

Playmags are an award winning brand of magnetic building tiles for kids. They offer several different sets including click-on alphabet, number and window pieces that add lots of extra play and learning value. They come in a variety of colors and shapes to give children room to create their own masterpieces.

All of the tiles and vehicle bases are made of plastic and have magnets that run along each edge. The tiles stick together from edge to edge and are strong enough to build large structures and towers. Each magnet has a metal rivet in each corner to ensure they are strong enough to withstand heavy-handed play.

Playmags 100 piece set

What size are they?

According to the Playmags website the basic square tiles are 3.54” by 3.54”. You can bank on the other tile shapes to fit this same measurement.

What are Playmags made of?

They are made of transparent, colored plastic with metal rivets on each corner. They are reinforced inside across the middle with a plastic ridge.

Are Playmags safe?

Playmags are deemed to be very safe, the plastic they use is BPA free and the metal rivets used to secure each corner are an extra safety feature to prevent the tiles falling apart. It is still smart to supervise your child when they play with magnetic tiles just to be sure.

Can they break easily?

It is difficult to break a PlayMags tile because they are made from solid plastic, are reinforced down the middle and have metal rivets on each corner to hold them together.

What age are they for?

Playmags are aimed at kids aged 3+. This is the best age for children to start playing well with magnetic tiles because they are developmentally ready to focus on building. They also begin to understand that structures will break and that they can always rebuild them without too many tears! Younger children can try their best to play with the tiles too, just make sure you supervise them while they do.

Are Playmags compatible with Picasso tiles?

Yes, they do work together however you may find the slight size difference between the two brands annoying as your child wants to build particular shapes.

What is compatible with Playmags?

Most magnetic tiles are compatible with Playmags such as Magna Tiles and Children’s Hub tiles. You will find they cannot be used with Magformers which have a different magnet inside.

Pros and cons of Playmags

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Playmags tiles:


  • Safety: Playmags have extra plastic reinforcements and metal rivets on each corner to prevent any breaks. They are highly recommended for this feature.
  • Range: Playmags have a broad range of options including small starter sets and unusual shapes to try.


  • Price: Playmags tiles are by no means the most expensive tiles out there but they are not the cheapest option either.


What brand of magnetic tiles should I buy?

All of the main brands of magnetic tiles are great for children to play with and are a fantastic toy to have at home. Consider your budget and the quality of the product before you buy. It is a good idea to check the material of the tiles and research how durable they are for each brand.

Which tiles are better, Picasso tiles or Magna tiles?

Magna Tiles are thought to be more durable than Picasso Tiles because of the way they are reinforced. They also contain stronger magnets. Your child will still get the same amount of fun from either brand.

Are Picasso tiles the same as Magna tiles?

Picasso tiles are generally the same as Magna Tiles and offer the same play potential for your child.