Should You Hang Anything Above The Crib?

crib in a child's bedroom

If you just had a baby (or you’re about to have one), one of the most exciting things is to put the nursery together and decorate it. Decorating and hanging things in your baby’s room makes it pleasing and attractive for your infant and gives them something to focus on when they are awake.

We have all seen beautiful inspiration pictures on the internet, and you might want to hang things above the baby crib to match the picture. However, you should consider your child’s safety first before hanging anything. In general, you should try to avoid hanging anything above the crib because it can get knocked over and harm your baby. Also, as your infant gets older, they might stand and reach the objects, causing them to fall and land on top of them. However, if you want to hang anything heavy (like some wall art), call the pros and determine the best thing to hang and ensure you secure them firmly to the wall.

What are safe things to hang over a crib?

The safest things to hang above a crib are things which are quite light. Here are a couple of options:

  • Pompoms- These are light, and even though they fall, they will not harm the baby. You can hang the pompom randomly or have them designed into the bay’s initials or other cool designs.
  • Mobiles- There are different types of mobiles with various toys or items you can hang above the crib. These are hard to fall, but you should remove them if you notice your child can reach them. Please note that while some mobiles are light, some are a little heavier so make sure these are securely fastened.

Is it safe to hang pictures over a crib?

Framed pictures are a significant danger to children. If you want to have pictures above the crib, you should use decals or posters. These are pictures prepared on special paper that you can transfer to the wall or other surfaces.

You can also hang the sticky letter or art pieces that glow in the dark but ensure they don’t glow so bright. If you hang a picture above the crib, ensure it is fully secure, and try pulling the crib a few inches away from the wall. This way, even if the picture falls, it falls behind the crib and not inside it.

How far above a crib should you hang pictures?

This depends on the age and height of your child. If your baby can stand and reach the picture, remove it and hang it higher.

How can you secure a picture to a wall?

The best way to secure a picture to the wall is by using T screws. You need locking T screws with a wall anchor, supporting brackets, wall anchors, screws, and a special security wrench.

  • First, position your picture on the wall and mark where the supporting brackets should be and ensure you space them evenly along the picture frame. Experts recommend you place them two inches from the picture’s ends.
  • Using the one-inch screws, attach the brackets to the wall.
  • Place your picture on the brackets, secure it to the back of the frame channel, and ensure its level.
  • Find the middle of the frame’s bottom, mark it, and remove the picture from the wall.
  • Drill a hole in the wall, insert the wall anchor, install the T screws and ensure the t-shaped head engages the back frame channel. Tighten it using the security wrench such that it protrudes a quarter inch from the wall.
  • Turn the t-shaped screw head until it’s parallel to the bottom frame, then place the picture back on the brackets.
  • Turn the T screw 90-degrees to fix the frame to the wall.

Can you hang a mobile above a crib?

Yes. Mobiles are the most common things that many parents add to the crib. They are types of baby toys with several additions and are placed above the crib to give your baby a better view. You can get ones that are attached to the crib, portable ones, or ceiling-mounted ones.

Others have additions like projectors, light, music, rattle toys, or DIY your own, depending on your budget and what you want your child to experience.

Are crib mobiles necessary? Are they good for babies?

Crib mobiles are good for babies as they keep them entertained and help in sensory and motor development. They also provide your baby with a safe and soothing environment to sleep in and it soothes them, giving you more time for your chores (or if you just need a break for 5 minutes!) If you notice that your child can reach the mobile, ensure you remove it so it won’t fall on top of them. You should also inspect it often to ensure none of the pieces are loose.

Can you hang it from the ceiling?

If you decide not to get a mobile attached to the crib, you could hang it from the ceiling. However, that depends on the size and the age of your child. It’s a good option if your little one has started reaching the one above the crib instead of getting rid of it.

One of the safest ways is securely screwing in a hook in the ceiling and attaching the mobile.

Is it safe to have a canopy over a crib?

Canopies above the baby crib usually look so beautiful in photos (particularly above round cribs) and they have become a trend because of the dreamy fairytale they add to the room. However, they can present a strangulation risk for your baby, which even led to IKEA recalling them at one point.

What is safe to hang on a wall above a crib?

If you are nervous about hanging pictures above a crib, even if the frame is securely attached, here are a few other options.

  • Sticky letters- If you want your baby’s name above their crib, you can do that with peel-and-stick letters instead of a framed name.
  • Unframed photos- Photos are a great way to decorate a room, but not around a child. You can install cords along the wall and hang some unframed photos on them to bring the same effect. If you don’t want to use the thread, you can stick the photos on the wall.
  • Fake creepers- If you want to add greenery in the baby’s room, try adding a fake creeper across the wall above them because it poses less danger of falling and injuring them. However, like other decorations, install it higher or remove it if they start reaching it because it could pose a strangulation threat.

In general, when hanging things on the wall above the crib, do not hang glass items and consider calling the experts for safe installation.

should you hang anything above your baby's crib?