Size 6 vs 6X vs 6T

various size 6 clothes on hangers

My daughter has just turned 6 and it still feels like a gamble when my wife orders clothes online for her. To fit or not to fit? That is the question 🙂 We particularly have issues with ordering pants/bottoms for her as she is fairly slim and even when she wears a belt, her clothes can sometimes slide down a bit.

So what clothes size should a 6 year old girl wear? Well, it’s not so straightforward. There’s size 6 clothing, size 6x and you can even find 6T. Size 6 is a standard clothing size usually for 5-6 year olds, 6x is slightly bigger and is a size only for girls (usually for 6-7 year olds), and 6T is the largest in the toddler range of clothing (but this is very rare and most stores don’t stock it). Let’s explore this topic in more detail as it can be a bit of a minefield working it all out, especially as there are usually subtle differences between the sizes in various stores.

What is size 6?

Looking at various retailers (more on this later in the article), size 6 is usually for 5-6 year olds with a weight around 45-47lbs and a height of around 45-47”. You should find every retailer stocks the size 6 size.

What is size 6x?

Size 6x is slightly bigger than size 6 and it is for girls who are roughly 46-49” inches tall and have a weight of around 46-50lbs. Generally this size lies somewhere between size 6 and 7. However, not all stores stock the 6x size and some even group it with size 7.

Why does size 6x only apply to girls?

If you are shopping for clothes for your kids and come across size 6x, you will likely have noticed than it only occurs in girls’ clothing. Why is this? Put simply, it’s because girls tend to have a growth spurt around the age of 6 and you find a lot of brands start a new range of ‘older kids’ clothing from size 7. Therefore the 6x size allows your little girl to stay in the ‘little clothes’ range a bit longer.

How much bigger is 6x compared to size 6?

It really varies by each retailer, but on average size 6x is for girls who are around 4-5lbs heavier and 2-3” taller (compared to size 6).

Do all stores stock size 6 and 6x clothing?

You should find all retailers stock size 6 as this applies to boys and girls, but you can’t find size 6x everywhere.  Sometimes you might also see the label 6x/7, such as at Children’s Place.

What is 6T?

6T is the last size in the ‘toddler range’ of clothing. This is hard to find as usually 5T is the largest size in most stores (sometimes it’s even 4T). This clothing range tends to be a little looser around the waist for pants and bottoms to allow space for diapers and the sleeve length for tops might be a bit shorter. Furthermore, the clothing may have less buttons and zips so it’s easier to take off. As a size, it’s basically in between 6 and 6x.

Of the major retailers, I’ve only come across Old Navy & Gap which stocks the 6T size.

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How does size 6, 6X and 6T compare to other countries?

These three sizes are found mainly in the US, but here’s how they compare to the UK, EU and Australia.

Size 6Size 6XSize 6T
UKSize 5-6Size 6-7Size 5-6
AustraliaSize 6Size 7Size 6

How does size 6, 6x and 6T compare between different stores?

I mentioned at the start of this article that unfortunately while there is a rough set of measurements for size 6, 6x and 6T, there are some differences between the stores. My advice (and my wife would agree) is that once you find a store which has clothing that fits your child quite well, it’s best to stick with that retailer as much as you can. Of course there are sales to consider in other places, but it does make finding clothing which fits your children a little easier if you stick to one retail outlet. Here’s a look at Carters, Nordstrom, Cat & Jack (from Target), Kohls, Children’s Place and Old Navy & Gap:


Carters has size 6 and 6x, but no 6T.

  • Size 6 = 43 – 48lbs and 45 – 47.5”
  • Size 6x = 43 – 48lbs and 45 – 47.5”

As you can see both size 6 and size 6x have the same measurements.



Nordstrom stocks size 6 and 6x:

  • Size 6 = 44-49lbs and 45 – 46.5”
  • Size 6x = 49-53lbs and 47 – 49.5”

So their 6x size is a couple of inches longer and supports children a few lbs heavier compared to size 6. Nordstrom seem to cater for children who are a little bigger than average for their age.


Cat & Jack

Cat & Jack are a range of clothing that you can find at Target:

  • Size 6 = 42 – 48lbs and 45-47”
  • Size 6x = 47 – 53lbs and 47-49”

Interestingly, their size 6 and 6x clothing has a lower weight limit than Carters and Nordstrom, but a similar height range. Cat & Jack look like a good option if your child is little slimmer than average for their age but still fairly tall.


Although I’ve never shopped in Kohls, it isn’t particularly helpful that their size charts don’t list the height range. They just list the weight limit instead (and chest size)

  • Size 6 = 44-49lbs
  • Size 6x = 49-54lbs

Their measurements seem to be very similar to Nordstrom though, indicating that their clothing suits children a little bigger than average for their age.


Children’s Place

Children’s Place do things a little differently to the other retailers listed above in that they group their 6x size together with size 7.

  • Size 6 = 45 – 50lbs and 44 – 46.5”
  • Size 6x / 7 = 50 – 57lbs and 46.5 – 50.5”

These measurements seem to suggest that they also cater for children who are a bit bigger than average for their age.


Old Navy and Gap

Old Navy and Gap are one of the few retailers I’ve found which stock the 6T size:

  • Size 6 = 45-49”
  • Size 6T = 46-53lbs and 45-49”      

Looking at this, their 6T size supports quite a wide weight range and the height range is comparable to size 6x in other retailers.


Charts – Size 6 and 6x compared

Here’s a few charts showing the height and weight differences between these retailers for size 6 and 6x. Obviously the differences are generally quite small, but it’s important to find clothes which fit your child comfortably and maybe allow a little growing room.

Size 6

chart showing the weight range for size 6 across different retailers
chart showing the height range for size 6 across different retailers

Size 6x

chart showing the weight range for size 6x across different retailers
chart showing the height range for size 6x across different retailers


As I mentioned earlier, it often pays to stick with one retailer once you find a clothing range that seems to fit your child well. However, it’s not that easy and you may need to switch and shop around depending on your circumstances.  

In general size 6 should be fine for most kids, but if your daughter does have a little growth spurt around the age of 6, then it’s certainly worth looking at size 6x. Alternatively, you may be able to skip this altogether and move to size 7. However, you may find from this size upwards kids clothing looks a little more ‘grown up’.

You shouldn’t really need 6T as a size, but it might be useful if your child struggles a bit with zips and buttons, or if they like having looser fitting clothing around the waist.

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