Snuzpod 2 vs 3

mom holding a happy, well-rested baby

It’s easy to waste money when you’re expecting a baby, especially if you are first time parents. For our daughter, we purchased a moses basket which she used for the first 3 months, then she transitioned into a Snuzpod 2, before moving to her cot. Although she looked cute in her moses basket, it was a totally unnecessary purchase, as we could have used the Snuzpod right from the start!

For our younger son, we learnt our lesson and just used a Snuzpod 3 right away.  Although there are many similarities between the two products, there are some subtle differences too. So as a parent who has used both the Snuzpod 2 and 3, I thought I would compare and contrast both models so you can see which is right for you.

What is a Snuzpod?

It is a bedside crib that can be used for newborn babies until they reach around 6 months (or until they can start sitting up). It can function as a moses basket/bassinet, a stand alone crib, or as a bedside crib. If you’re using it as a bedside crib, you can attach it to your bed using a pair of straps. Furthermore, the bassinet can be removed from the stand and placed in a different room, which can be useful for daytime naps.

Feature Comparison

Here’s a look at the specifications of the Snuzpod 2 and 3.

Snuzpod 2

  • Suitable from birth until 6 months (or until baby can sit up or roll). Max child weight is 10 kg.
  • Adjustable height: 37-58cm – 7 different height settings
  • Mesh wall on one side – easy access to your baby by zipping down the side.
  • Removable bassinet
  • Made from beech wood
  • Weight. 13kg
  • Specifications: 100 x 42 x 95cm

Snuzpod 3

  • Suitable from birth until 6 months (or until baby can sit up or roll)
  • Adjustable height: 31- 63cm – 9 different height settings
  • Mesh wall on both sides – just zip-down the side for easy access.
  • You can remove the bassinet.
  • Beech wood construction
  • Reflux incline
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Specifications:  100 x 49 x 95cm
Snuzpod 3 with mesh wall down

Detailed Comparison

Here’s a more detailed look at both bassinets with a few of my own thoughts.


WINNER – Snuzpod 3

At a glance, they look identical, but the Snuzpod 3 is slightly wider which means your baby can probably use it for a bit longer. The only drawback is it will take up slightly more space in your room, which might be an issue if space is a premium in your home, but 7cm shouldn’t make a massive difference.


WINNER – Snuzpod 3

Despite being wider, the Snuzpod 3 is lighter than the Snuzpod 2. However, both items are still a bit bulky and heavy if you want to lift off the bassinet and place it on the floor or move it to a different room. That being said, with both our children, I can count on one hand the number of times I moved the Snuzpod to a different room. It depends on your circumstances though, and your baby’s sleeping arrangements.



Both are fairly straightforward to assembly. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Here are the assembly instructions for the Snuzpod 2. Here are the assembly instructions for the Snuzpod 3.


WINNER – Snuzpod 3

The Snuzpod 3 wins here. The slightly wider frame means you can use it for a bit longer. Also, it comes with a reflux leg which you can slot underneath (just make sure you put it on the same end where your baby’s head is). This tilts the Snuzpod slightly downwards. Although I never had to use it with my son, it is a useful feature. In addition, there is a mesh wall on both sides so you can see your baby from both sides (the Snuzpod 2 only had it on one side). Finally, the Snuzpod 3 has more height options which makes it easier to fix to your bed using the straps provided.

9 different height settings for Snuzpod 3

Ease of cleaning


Both Snuzpod models are easy to clean. You can wipe down the wooden frame with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. You can also remove the fabric pod for handwashing (just don’t use the washing machine)


WINNER – Snuzpod 2

The Snuzpod 2 is no longer available to buy online, as it is an older model, but you can certainly pick one up second hand fairly easily. A brand new Snuzpod 3 will set you back around £200, but with the release of the Snuzpod 4, you might also find one second hand.

Is a Snuzpod 2 or 3 worth the money?

They are both great products which I would recommend to anyone. They are well built, sturdy and easy to assemble. I only wish they could be used for a bit longer, but they are a little bulky anyway so once they’ve outgrown them, they’re probably ready for a cot anyway.

Can the Snuzpod be tilted?

The Snuzpod 3 can be tilted using a piece of wood which attaches underneath the frame. This is useful if you baby suffers from reflux.

Snuzpod 3 with reflux leg

How does it attach to the bed?

It’s the same for both models. You use the longer straps if you have a divan or solid style bed. You simply loop one end around the back of one of the Snuzpod legs nearer to your bed, move it along the width of your bed base to the other side, and back again before clicking the buckles together. Do the same with the other strap.

For a frame style bed, it’s a bit easier as you can loop it round the inside of your bed frame nearest to the Snuzpod so you can use the shorter straps.

This video shows you how to assemble the Snuzpod as well as how to attach the straps.

When does your baby grow out of the Snuzpod?

The guidelines state that you can use it for the first 6 months, or until you baby can start sitting up or roll over. To be honest, we used both the Snuzpod 2 and 3 for a bit longer for both our children as they were a bit slow at sitting up. I think we used them until they were both about 8 months old.

How big is the mattress for the Snuzpod?

For the Snuzpod 2, you want a mattress which is 80.5 x 36.5 x 3cm.  For the Snuzpod 3, you want a mattress which is 80 x 44 x 3cm. In either case, you’re better off just buying the Snuz mattress which is designed to go with each Snuzpod model.