Why Do Some Babies Hate Grass?

young child playing in the grass

Babies love and hate all sorts of things, and sometimes certain things can surprise you. We know they don’t like to be startled unexpectedly, and most babies love to be tickled on the tummy. However, one bizarre thing some babies are scared of is grass.

Check out this video below for a few giggles. These babies are obviously freaked about touching some weird green stuff! But why is this? In this article let’s discuss why some babies hate grass.


Some babies tend to avoid touching grass because it can cause a sensory overload when an infant makes contact with it. A baby’s nervous system takes time to develop in the first few months, and touching grass can be a very strange sensation for them!

Can babies touch grass? Is it ok to put babies on it?

Yes, babies can touch grass. Whether they like it or not, that’s another question. It may take your baby a few attempts to get used to the sensation of touching it. The only time it’s too risky to put babies on grass is if it has some fertilizer, weed killer or chemicals on it.

Why do babies avoid grass?

Some babies can be scared of grass, especially when they touch it for the fast time. This might seem strange to us, but it’s actually because of their immature nervous system. For babies, every sound, touch and sight is very intense and sometimes overwhelming. Some new experiences, like touching grass, can cause a sensory overload. Imagine you’ve never touched grass before; it feels soft to touch, it’s a bit ticklish, but it has rough edges, and it can be wet. You can see how it can mess with a young infant’s mind!

What can you do about it?

Nothing. Just give it time. Like most things, babies take time to adjust to new surroundings and experiences, whether it’s touching grass, being out in the sun, getting dressed or getting used to a bath!

How can you get you baby used to touching grass?

It’s not usually something that should concern you, as your baby will eventually get comfortable crawling around on the grass. If she is apprehensive at first, you can hold her in your arms and let her own gently on to the grass whilst keeping contact. This may make her feel more comfortable. If not, don’t worry. As long as you visit your backyard a few more times, she’ll get used to it.

Is it OK for babies to eat it?

It shouldn’t do any harm unless the grass has been recently treated with some chemicals, or if there is any animal mess on it. Babies are constantly putting things in their mouths, whether it’s dirt, sand or grass. Take a look at these forum threads for example:

As long as it’s not poisonous and not a choking hazard, it probably won’t do much harm for your baby to pretend being a cow for a minute and munch on some grass!

In fact, there are some studies that show newborns exposed to dirt and other germs may have a lower risk of asthma and allergies.

Can babies choke on grass?

It’s highly unlikely as blades of grass are so small and babies can’t pick up enough of it quickly enough to shove a lot into their mouths!


Why are babies scared of plants?

According to new research, babies have an innate reluctance to touching plants, as this is to protect themselves from numerous threats such as thorns, poisonous berries and other toxins. Furthermore, as parents we all know how challenging it is to get children to eat vegetables. This is often due to their bitter taste, and plant toxins are also bitter.

why do babies avoid grass
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