12 vs 18 vs 24 Month Baby Clothes

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Your baby grows incredibly quickly in the first year. At times, it may feel like they’re only wearing clothes for a few weeks before they’re moving on to a bigger size. However once they reach the 18-24 month mark, the growth rate tends to slow down a bit and this is reflected in clothing sizes. The weight range on baby clothing labels becomes a little smaller and you have other options, such as toddler clothes which may suit your baby if they are very mobile and not crawling any more.

In this article, let’s take a look at the difference between 12, 18 and 24 month sizes. When should you switch between them? Should you consider toddler clothes instead? Here’s a quick overview on the difference between the 3 sizes before we look at this topic in more detail.

  • The 12 month size is for 20-24lb babies who are between 28-30 inches in height.
  • The 18 month size is for babies who weigh between 24-28lb and are 30-32” in height.
  • The 24 month clothing size is for 28-30lb babies who are 32-34” tall.

What size does a 1 year old wear?

Not all 1 year old babies are the same shape and size so it can really vary. Some babies who are larger than average may need 18 month or even 24 month size clothing. Moreover, if your baby is already walking quite well, you might want to consider 1T size clothing as this will make it easier for them to move around. However, your little one may still be content in 9-12 month or 6-12 month sizes if they are a little smaller than average.

As a rule of thumb, always go by the size of your baby rather than what age the labels say you should be using.

You will know which retailer stocks the best fitting clothes for your baby after trying out a few items.

When you should start looking at toddler size clothing?

Once your baby is up and about and fairly mobile, then you can start looking at toddler size clothing. This can be anytime from 12 months onwards, but it’s more likely from 18-24 months. This style of clothing will have longer legs and less space around the waist area, as your baby slowly becomes potty trained and has no need for a diaper. In terms of appearance, this clothing will look suitable for a small child, rather than a baby.

What size is 12 months in baby clothes?

Although it varies slightly from retailer to retailer, on average it’s for 28-30 inch babies who weigh between 20 to 24 lbs.

Is 12 months the same as 6-12 or 9-12 months?

It can be either, but in general if you see just ’12 months’ as a label on some baby clothes, it means 9-12 months. However, make sure you check the weight and height range on the label too, so you know you’re buying something which will fit your baby properly.

Is 1T the same as 12 month clothing?

Although you won’t find the 1T size in many retailers, it may be an option for you if your baby is an early bloomer in terms of walking and mobility. 1T sizes (but usually 2T) are the first in the toddler range of clothing (going up to 4T or 5T) and they are little bigger than 12 month baby clothes, with longer sleeves and pants and a thinner waistline. Here is a detailed comparison between 1T and 12 month clothes.

What is the average size of a 12 month old baby?

A baby boy will be just under 30 inches in height with a weight of around 21lbs. A baby girl will be around 19.5lbs and 29” in length.

Source: https://www.verywellfamily.com/first-year-infant-growth-431721

What is the 12 month size in various stores?

As some stores stock 9-12 month sizes, and others 6-12 months, here’s a look at both options:

9-12 months

  • Target: 28-30” and 20-24lbs
  • Carters: 28.5-30” and 21-25lbs (NB – they just have 12 months as a label, not 9-12 months)
  • Nordstrom: 29.5-30.5” and 23-25lbs (only 12 month label)
  • GAP: No 9-12 month size
  • Janie and Jack: They don’t stock a 9-12 month size
  • Walmart: 28-29.5” and 19.5-22” (NB – they also just have 12 months as label)

6-12 months

  • Target: 26-30” and 16-24lbs
  • Carters: No 6-12 month size.
  • Nordstrom: They don’t have a 6-12 month size
  • GAP: 27-29” and 17-22lbs.
  • Janie and Jack: 25-29” and 17-22lbs
  • Walmart: They don’t have a 6-12 month size

What is this size in UK and Europe?

The UK also uses a 12 month label, just like the US. However, look for 74-80cm size in continental Europe.

What clothing size is 18 months for babies?

On average, in most stores, 18 month clothing is for babies who are 30-32 inches tall and who weigh around 24 to 28lbs.

Is 18 months the same as 12-18 months?

Yes, in general you can assume an 18 month label means it’s suitable for babies aged between 12-18 months.

When can you expect your baby to wear 18 month clothing?

Rather than looking at this in terms of suitability based on age, look at based on your baby’s size and shape. If 9-12 month clothing still fits them well, and there is a little wiggle room left, stick with this size for longer. On the other hand, if the clothes look tight on your baby, it’s time to move up a size as you don’t want them to feel restricted when they’re moving around. In general, most 12-13 month babies should be fine 18 month clothing, although your baby may be slightly earlier or later than this.

Is 12-18 months the same as 2T?

No they are not the same. 2T size clothing is bigger than 18 month size clothing, for toddlers around 30-32 lbs and 33.5-35” tall. Also, you should consider that the clothing style will be different, as the 2T size will cater to toddlers rather than babies.

What is the 18 month size in various retailers?

Here is the breakdown of 18 month clothing sizes at various stores in the USA.

  • Target: 31-32.5” and 23.5-26lbs
  • Carters: 30-32” and 25-28lbs
  • Nordstrom: 31-33” and 25-27lbs
  • GAP: 29-31” and 22-27lbs
  • Janie and Jack: 29-31” and 22-27lbs
  • Walmart: 30-31” and 22.5 -26lbs

What is this size in UK and Europe?

The UK also use 12-18 months as a size category. In Europe, look for the 80-86cm (or just 86cm) label on the clothing.

What size is 24 months in baby clothes?

The 24 month clothing size is for babies who are 32 to 34 inches tall and weigh 28 to 30lbs, although there will be slight variations in different retailers.

Is 24 months the same as 18-24 months?

Yes. If you see 24 months as a label, it means ‘up to 24 months’. This makes it suitable for babies aged between 18 to 24 months.

Is 18-24 months the same as 2T?

2T size clothing is slightly bigger than 18-24 month (or 24 month) clothing. On average it’s around 2 inches longer and for toddlers who are about 2lbs heavier. However, you should also consider that 2T clothing will have a thinner waistline (not really designed to support diapers underneath) and the pants and sleeves tend to be longer.

What is the average size of a 24 month baby?

For a 2 year old baby girl (in the 50th percentile) she’ll weigh around 26.5lbs and stand at 33.5 inches tall. A boy will have a weight of 27.5lbs and stand at just over 34 inches tall.

Source: https://www.thebump.com/toddler-month-by-month/24-month-old

What is this size worldwide?

In UK stores you should see the same 18-24 month label on clothing (or possibly just 24 months) However, in European outlets, you want to purchase clothes with a 86-92cm label (or just 92cm).

How does this size compare with different retailers?

Here’s how the 24 month size can vary between different stores across the US.

  • Target: 33-35.5” and 26.5-28lbs
  • Carters: 32-34” and 28-30lbs
  • Nordstrom: 33.5-35.5” and 28-30lbs
  • GAP: 31-33” and 27-30lbs
  • Janie and Jack: 31-33” and 27-30lbs
  • Walmart: 32-33.5” and 26.5 -30lbs

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