Baby Clothes Storage Ideas (For Small Spaces)

folding baby clothes for storage

My wife and I live in a two bedroom flat with two young children, so you can imagine things are quite tight in terms of storage. However, over the years we’ve learnt little hacks and ideas for making the most of our space.

In this article, let’s look at creative ways you can store baby clothes, particularly if your infant’s room isn’t the biggest.

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How can you store baby clothes if you have a small space?

First and foremost, you have to get creative. It’s amazing how much room you can find when you think outside the box and the use all the space in your baby’s nursery. However, you also need to consider how many clothes you’re buying for your baby. Do you really need so many?

Over the years, my wife has constantly bought more clothes for our children than they really needed and we ended up donating a lot to charity or giving them to friends. For the sake of doing the laundry a couple more times a week, you might be able to buy a little less which reduces clutter and makes storing clothing items a lot easier. Just remember in the first year babies can outgrow one size of clothing very quickly.

That being said, here are some ideas for storing baby clothes for small spaces:

Baby closet

If your baby’s room is particularly small but you have closet in there, there are some ways to use the space more effectively.

Closet dividers

As well as finding space for storing baby clothes, organisation is just as important. Try installing some closet dividers across a clothes rail with labels on so you can easily find what you need. This is very useful when you’re trying to get your baby dressed in a hurry!

Add an extra rail

If your closet is the IKEA flatpack type you can often rearrange drawers and shelves how you want to maximise storage space. However, another way you can find more space is by adding another clothes rail. Often when parents install a clothes rail there is wasted space between the hanging clothes and the shelf underneath. You can double the number of clothing items you can hang using this method. If you don’t have a spare rail you can buy adjustable ones which can attach to the sides of the closet.

Closet hanging shelves

Rather than just hanging clothes from a rail, you can add some hanging shelves instead. This can be a great idea if you really want to maximise every inch of space in your closet. It’s also a great way to find some extra room for shoes, hats, diapers, towels and other baby clothes.

Use an expandable shelf/rail

Using a rod just by itself often wastes a little storage space just above it, to allow space for the hangers. To squeeze a bit more storage space, you could invest in an expandable shelf/rail

Use hanger clips

If you want to maximise the number of clothing items which can hang from one hanger, invest in some hanger clips. This will allow you to hang a few items from one hanger rather just one clothing item. This is great for bodysuits, bibs, jumpsuits, hats and some other smaller baby clothes.

For a low cost option, you can try using a pair of clothes pegs at the bottom of each hanger to store a second piece of clothing.

Drawer dividers

This is a great way to organise your baby clothes more effectively and to add a bit more space. Just add some drawer dividers in your closet (or dresser) drawers.

Use a dresser as a changing table

If space is an issue in your baby’s room, then you probably shouldn’t invest in a changing table. However, you can just use a dresser instead. All you need is a changing pad to put on top (just make sure you don’t leave your baby unattended when they’re on it!). You will acquire more storage space this way by using drawers in the dresser for all your baby’s clothes. The only way I would consider buying a changing table for a small room, is if it is a crib/changer combo as that will give you a bit of storage as well a place for your baby to sleep.

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Alternatively, you can purchase a dresser which has a changing table on top. We did this, although in hindsight my wife and I both feel it was a waste of money as it didn’t allow us to use any storage space above it. We probably should have bought a small closet which went up to the ceiling, or a very tall dresser. You can always find somewhere to change your baby as long as you have a changing pad!

Use a bookcase

If you have a bookcase, you don’t have to use it just for books. Why not use the space for baby clothes instead? You can use the existing shelves or you can take them out and add some storage baskets.

Under the crib

When you buy a crib for your baby’s room and you know space is at a premium, you definitely want some storage underneath. This is usually just a drawer which you slide out, which is useful for blankets, towels, diapers, wipes and bed sheets. However, why not use this crib for some baby clothes as well? You can use space bags to maximise the amount you can store there.

Use a clothes rack

Although we never used one of these, a clothes rack can be a cheaper way to store and organise your baby’s clothes (compared to buying a closet). Just make sure you use the space underneath sensibly. You can add some baskets or use it as a place to store baby shoes.

Over the door storage ideas

Using storage behind the door is a very clever hack that many parents overlook. Here are a couple of ways you can use this space effectively.

Hanging shoe organizer

Need to find some space for your baby’s shoes? Use a shoe hanger over your baby’s door as a creative way to find some extra room. However, you don’t just have to use this for shoes. You can add other items too, such as rolled up onesies, diaper items, towels, sheets and some small toys.

Over the door hooks

If you’re not keen on a shoe hanger, you can use over the door hooks instead which can be a useful way to store towels, pramsuits and other baby clothes. However, I personally feel a hanging shoe organiser allows you to store more items and might be a better option if you’re struggling to find space for your baby’s clothes.     

Wall hanging storage bags/pockets

This is similar to the over the door hook idea, but you can easily hang some storage bags from a wall hook instead. These can be just one bag per hook, or you can install a tower which has two or three compartments for storing baby items. Like a shoe organiser you can add some rolled up onesies/jumpsuits, diaper accessories or small toys. You could always use some of these over the door instead, or inside a closet.

Use baskets

Baskets are a great way to store baby blankets, towels, swaddles or clothes which are too big for your infant and you plan to use at a later date. You can place these in a closet or leave them on display in your baby’s room. If you have an external clothes rack, you can always place a few baskets underneath. We put a few above our son’s closet in his room.

Mesh laundry bags

For a low cost alternative to a basket, you can always purchase a laundry bag. This can be a great place to not only store some baby clothes, but to organise some smaller items, like socks, hats and mittens when you do your laundry. These things go missing very easily, and there’s nothing more frustrating than only finding one sock when you’re trying to dress a baby in a hurry!

Plastic containers

You can purchase some containers quite cheaply which can be a good place to store bedding, clothes which your baby can use in the future, or seasonal clothes. You can usually stack these as well if you prefer.


This is a great portable option for storing baby clothes and other essentials. You can keep it near your baby’s changing table so you have all the diaper essentials close by, as well as a change of clothes. Another benefit of a trolley is that you can use it in your room for the first few months while your baby is sleeping with you, and then transfer it to their nursery when they’re ready to go in a crib.

Hang shelves

For storing some smaller items, you can always put up some shelves if you have the wall space. You can place baskets on them and a few baby clothes. Just avoid doing this directly above your baby’s crib and don’t put anything too heavy on them.

Accordion wall hanger

This can be a great idea if you have the wall space. You can use it to store some baby towels, pramsuits, bibs and other accessories.