Baby Names That Mean Complete

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One strategy you can use when coming up with a name of your baby is to work backwards and focus on the definition of the name first. Once you have this, you can narrow down your list of names which have this meaning.

A popular choice for baby names are ones that mean ‘complete’ or ‘whole’. After all it’s a very fitting description for a couple who have decided to add a new member to the family. But ‘complete’ can have a different meaning for families. Some may feel one child makes the family unit feel whole, while others believe that two or even three children will have this effect. Here is a list of girls and boys names that mean ‘complete’ or ‘whole’. Interestingly there aren’t many names of an Anglo-Saxon origin that have this meaning, particularly for boys.

Baby girl names that mean complete or whole

Emma -An English name which has its roots from an old Germanic word. It means ‘whole’ or ‘universal’.

Emmie – This is a variant of Emma and has the same meaning. However, it can also mean ‘industrious’ and ‘hard-working’.

Emme (Emmi) – Another variant of the name Emma. This is a good option if you want something more unique.

Aaryanna – This name is of Hindu origin and means ‘powerful, complete and renowned by the Lord’. A very grand meaning indeed! It can also mean ‘noble’ and ‘pure’.

Erma (Irma) – Erma is originally a German name and means ‘complete’ or ‘universal’. It’s probably a variant of Emma.

Imma – From the old German word ermin, it means ‘universal; or ‘whole’. It could well be an older version of Emma.

Poorna  – A Sanskrit name used mainly in Hindi speaking countries, it means ‘fulfilled’ or ‘fullness’

Wakana  – Wakana is of Japanese origin. The meaning can be split into two parts; wa- means ‘peace and harmony’, and -kana means ‘complete’ or ‘music’.

Ermengarde – Possibly yet another variant of Emma, Ermengarde is a German name meaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’.    

Sulamita – This is a Hebrew name which means ‘peace’ and ‘completeness’.

Temima – Another girl’s name of Hebrew origin, which means ‘perfect’ as well as ‘whole’.

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Boy names that mean whole or complete

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Ashwani – This name is usually given to followers of the Hindu religion. It means ‘strong and complete’ and ‘Sun of the Lord Sun’

Caleb (Kaleb)  – A Hebrew name which means ‘whole-hearted’, as well as ‘brave’ and ‘faithful’.

Ekchatra – A name of Indian origin meaning ‘complete command’

Akhil – Akhil means ‘everything’ or ‘complete’. It is a Hindi/Sanskrit name.

Chilion – Chilion means ‘perfect’, ‘finished’ or ‘complete’. However, some sources online indicate that it does have a darker meaning so check this carefully if you’re interested in this name. Might be one to avoid!

Kaamil – This name means ‘complete’ or ‘perfect’ and is of Arabic origin. It’s a variation of Kamil, a name which celebrates Muhammad’s purity.

Nikhil – A Sanskrit boy’s name mainly found in Nepal and India.  It means ‘all’ or ‘whole’.

Akshat  – This Buddhist and Hindu name seems to have quite a few meanings. Akshat can mean ‘uninjured’, ‘one who cannot be harmed’ or ‘unbroken’. However, it can also mean ‘complete’. This name could be a good choice if you want a tough little boy!

Erme – Erme is a Greek name that means ‘universal’ or ‘whole’.

Socrates  – If you want to give your son the name of a famous Greek philosopher (or Brazilian footballer), then Socrates is a good choice. The meaning of the name can be split into two; sos- which means ‘whole’ and -kratos which means ‘power’.

Ekansh  – Another name of Indian origin which means’ one’, ‘whole’ or ‘complete’.

Ermin – After Socrates, here is a second choice if you want a Greek name which means ‘universal’ or ‘whole’. Ermin is related to the names ‘Hermione’ and ‘Hermes’ who were messengers in Greek mythology.

Sambodh  – This is a Hindi boy’s name that means ‘complete knowledge’.

Neutral names that mean whole or complete

Melea  – This is a Hebrew name which means ‘fill’ or ‘complete’. It refers to the ancestor of Jesus.

Sarva – A unisex name of Hindu origin.

Rikky -This name can be traced back to Old English and Norse origins. The name means ‘complete ruler’.

Emmett – This name means ‘universal’ and is of English, German and Hebrew origins. If you’re a big ‘Back To The Future fan’, this name could be a great choice!

Puran  – Puran is an Indian name that means ‘to be a complete individual’.

Plennie – This unisex name means ‘full’ or ‘complete’. It’s not clear where this name originates from.

Gomer – A name of Hebrew origin which means ‘to complete’.

Vien  – This name has its roots in Vietnam. It means ‘one who is complete’ or ‘satisfied’.