Do You Need Baby Hangers?

baby clothes not on hangers

No matter how much storage space you have for your baby’s clothes, chances are it won’t be enough. Or if you do have space, you’ll find it challenging to organise everything properly. While you can fold onesies, t-shirts, shorts and jumpsuits, what should you do about coats and pramsuits? These are too big and bulky to fold as they take up too much space in a drawer in your baby’s dresser.

This is why baby hangers are a useful addition to your baby’s closet, as it allows you can hang your infant’s coats, pramsuits, dresses and other outfits. Baby hangers are a great solution for anything that you don’t want to get creased, or for any item of clothing that is too big to fold. In this article, let’s look at why baby hangers are necessary and what you should consider when buying them.

Are baby hangers necessary?

If you want to hang up some of your infant’s clothes then baby hangers are absolutely necessary. Ordinary clothes hangers are just too big and if you try to force any of your infant’s clothes on them, it can stretch the material and leave unsightly marks.

How long can you use baby hangers?

The good news is that baby hangers last longer than you think. You can still use them for toddler clothing and possibly longer. In fact, you should get around three years of use out of a set of baby clothes hangers if you start using them from day one. However, you can always use them for longer if you plan on keeping them for a second child (that might seem quite a way in the future for some of you!)

Are baby clothes hangers and kids coat hangers the same?

Baby clothes hangers are slightly smaller. You can expect them to be around 25-30cm (10”-12”) wide which are fine for infants and toddlers, where as kids hangers are 30-36cm (12”-14”) wide.


My wife actually uses some kids’ hangers for her clothing! Although she is fairly petite, as long as the garment isn’t too heavy, it works fine for some of her tops.

What can you hang on baby hangers?

You can hang what you like, although you may need to attach some clips if you plan on hanging pants or skirts. Baby hangers work best for coats, pramsuits, sweaters, dresses and shirts, although you can hang onesies if you wish (although you may wish to put a couple of these to one hanger to save space) Also, it’s a great way to avoid any creases in any precious outfits that are made from delicate fabric, and it’s really the only way to hang up some of your baby’s bulkier items, unless you have a coat rack or stand somewhere in your home.

How many hangers do you need?

It depends how much space you have in your baby’s closet. You can buy baby hangers that come in packs of 10, or even packs of 60. Furthermore, you may also wish to only hang up your baby’s clothes that are in season i.e. thick coats and sweaters for the winter months, while storing the summer clothes in the loft somewhere. If you wish to just hang up a few dresses and coats, a pack of 10 might do the job. However, if your baby has a lot of clothes which you don’t want to crease, you may need 50 or more!

It’s also important to mention that you can pick up baby hangers when you purchase clothes in a store, so it’s probably best not to go overboard and order too many in one go. The only drawback is that visually it may look a bit odd having different types of hangers in a row in your baby’s closet (although this may not bother you in the slightest!)

What type of baby clothes hanger is the best?

There are three types of baby hangers; wooden ones, plastic ones and velvet ones. Some of the wooden and velvet ones come with clips, which are great for hanging jeans, pants, skirts and dresses.

  • Plastic – These are the cheapest baby hangers you can buy, but they can bend and lose their shape over time. Also, some clothes can slide off them which can be very frustrating. However, you can get some plastic hangers with velvet hooks which can help clothes stay on easier.
  • Wooden – These are very sturdy and will last a long time. They are also great for heavy items such as coats and pramsuits. Wooden baby hangers can give your baby’s closet are more traditional and rustic feel.
  • Velvet – The velvet material provides more friction than plastic so items can stay on the hanger a lot easier. They are softer to touch and look very elegant.

What can you use instead of baby hangers?

You could always use some regular hangers but attach some clips to them so they can support baby clothes. For an even cheaper option, you could even use a pair of clothes pegs on each hanger.