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Name: Baboon, Family Cercopithecidae, Genus Papio or Chaeropithecus

Description: Large ferocious dog-faced monkey. Found in groups from single family to a troop of over 200.

Location: Africa and Asia

Special Features:

  • Cheek pouches
  • Large canine teeth
  • Elongated dog-like muzzle
  • Short tail
  • Naked callosities on buttocks
  • Brilliant blue, purple, scarlet markings in adult male
  • Lives up to 25 years
  • Individualistic personalities
  • Diet: Worms, eggs, insects, small reptiles, crabs, mollusks, small mammals, fruit, and young shoots of vegetation.

    Neat Fact: Baboons can distinguish colors and have a very keen sense of smell.

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