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Birthday Party Themes

Fun ideas and themes to help plan your birthday party!

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Dragon Tales party:
1. Birthday cake is a dragon berry pie (blue frosting with red cherry candies on top)

2. Silver dragon scale pinata with candy and coins.

3. Halfway through the party, do a dragon tales active music song intermission like in the show. Maybe record the song, or do the "hokey pokey."

4. Zack and Wheezy 2-headed relay race (really just a 3 legged race).

5. Pin the Tail on the dragon (blow up a picture of Ord and make a bunch of blue tails.

6. Hunt for dragon eggs (plastic Easter eggs with party prizes inside.

7. Make foam dragon viser-hats for the birthday hats.

8. Parting favor--I downloaded coloring book pictures from dragon tales and stapled together to give with a pack of crayons.

Thanks to Michael D. Catten, M.D. for this theme idea

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