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Kids Turn Do you Chat too Much?

More....Do you Chat too Much?

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  • "You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the computer" - Tick

  • "You never fought with your sister your entire life but you do now - over the computer" - Smiley

  • "The microwave beeps in the kitchen and you wonder who came in the chat room" - KidexchangeADM

  • "The keys on your keyboard are useless because of odd scraps of food getting stuck underneath." - Moodydude

  • "You leave your computer in the chat room on all night and then scroll up in the morning to see what you missed." - Julie - About Chatting Guide

  • "When you write a letter to a friend it includes LOL, *sigh* and/or TTFN" - Dream and Celestial

  • "You have more then 3 chat rooms in your bookmark file" - Anonymous

  • "Your start page is a chat room" - Anonymous

  • "You nuke left over pancakes so you can have breakfast in chat." - Moodydude

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