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Kids Turn Show your Emoticons

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Ways to Express Yourself in Chat

Not sure how to really express yourself in the silent chat world of just words no sound or emotion? There is no way to create inflection or tone in your voice without audio so what do you do?.

Online Chatters have come up with their own way of expressing how they are feeling by using "emoticons" - funny lil diagrams made with various keys on your keyboard.

Here is a chart you can print out of some of the emoticons chatters at Kids' Turn Chat use. Special thanks go to Mr. Crusher and Austin who helped put this list together!!

:-) Smiley ;-) Wink
:-( Frown :~( Crying
:-D Big grin :-* Kiss
:-P Sticking out tongue :P~~~ Drooling
%-) Confused :-/ Perplexed
:-| Bored :-X Sealed lips
:-$ Money where your mouth is :-0 Astonished
=:O Frightened =8o Bug eyed
:-! Foot in your mouth :-} Embarresed
O:) Angel >:-> Devil
;-^) Tongue in cheek ---<-@ Rose
\(((())))/ Bowl of chips \~~~/ Bowl of salsa
[:-|] Robot :-)8 Wearing a bow tie
8:-) Bow in hair (:V Duck
(-:|:-) Siamese twins d:-) Baseball player
:-{) Man with a mustache :-[ Vampire
:-# Wearing braces C|:-= Charlie Chaplin
=|:-)= Abe Lincoln C=:-) Chef
[:-) With a Walkman on +-(:-) The Pope
(:)-) Scuba Diver =|:-)= Uncle Sam
<*)))))< Fish >)))))*> Fish the other way
B-) Sunglasses 8-0 Dazed
[xx]::::::::> Sword [x]:::::> Knife
___/\__ Shark Attack ======[} Pie in face
{: Chuckie from Rugrats ;-j Sarcastic
=^. .^= Cat q=-)-<--\: Guy on Skateboard
() =-)-<-< Angel ()))_Crayola_))> Crayon
( <> . . <> ) Alien {B-) Another Chuckie from Rugrats
(::[ ]::) Band-aid :() Motor Mouth
:'-) Happy Tears 1-o Yawning
[ :-l> Frankenstein with Beard [ :-l Frankenstein
:? Confused :! Very Upset
(=(1) Homer Simpson or a monkey =}> Moustached man

= ^..^ =



Another Kitty







-----------( 8:>[::]

Mouse eating Poptart


You get a Lollipop!

Do you know an emoticon not shown here? Submit it on the Kids' Turn forums.

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