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Jeni's Quick Crafts

19-year-old Jeni, has provided these fun, easy craft ideas for every day use, holiday crafting and a great way to keep children busy when babysitting. Jeni has been crafting and babysitting for many years.

  • Paper Mache
  • Watermelon Checker Board
  • Button Bauble Pins
  • Hanger People
  • Box Birds
  • Half and Half
  • Happy Family
  • Juice Lid Wind Chimes
  • Kitten Bank
  • Twirling Monkey
  • Raccoon Puppets
  • Nature Bracelet
  • Circles Bear
  • Pie Pan Tamborine
  • Framed Doodle Design
  • Plastic Bottle Pencil Holder
  • Egg Carton Caterpiller
  • Mixed up Character Mobile
  • Lion Puppet
  • Hot Shot Hoop
  • Snake
  • Brown Bag Bear Puppet
  • Peanut People
  • Animal Puzzler
  • Long Necked Letter Holder
  • Pretty Vase
  • Fancy Dinnerware
  • Relaxing Bubble Bath
  • Awesome Aftershave
  • Collage Container
  • Valentine Day Brunch
  • Valentine Party

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    These original craft ideas are copyright to Jeni, 2003 Please do not reprint or republish without permission.