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Photo #17
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Photo 17

"Allen Iverson sure is fine.... I would like to be goin hope wit him tonight (hehe)"...Shorty

"Wow! I could do this. Hey there about to score! yes, 10 to 23! mom, 1 more minute this is the last play"....Sam

"V-I-C-T-O-R-Y tha't our big bad battle cry! Hey! I'm a good cheerleader! They just made that shot!"....Aaren

"TOUCHDOWN. Now where's my new yarn ball?????".....BebopBrown

"Come on, I can even jump higher then that!"....Elena

"GO GO GO ahhh he missed! That was an easy shot."....Koodie

"I can do that with my hairballs."....No

"Go meow....ohhh a hairball!"....Sweetster

"Wow! This game is getting good! meow"....Dorko

"Meiow"....La-La and Clo

"Don't they ever get tired of this? I mean come on, they actually get paid to get sweaty? Ohhh cat food comarcial!"....hi345

"Why are they throwing around a ball? Shoundn't they be throwing the yarn?"....Jordan

"Go Timberwolves! Wait, no, wolves are related to dogs! Go Lynx!"....Someone

"Go lakers go!"....bffgfgirl

"ESPN???? Where's the remote so i can change back to Animal Planet?"....MVP3415

"Yeah...the Hornets are good..I'll admit it, but what about the TIGERS!??!"....Tevah

"Ooooh, guys, check this out! There's that new hot cat next door, that Fluffy, I swear she just waved at me!!".....Shantz

"You always see t.v. commercials about breath mints but where are they when you Really need them?"....Erica

"Go Suns!!"....Emily

"How could he miss that basket!?!I could have got that one in with my paws tied."....Preppy

"I wish I was in the game."....Lilo

"The only game I watch - Wildcats vs. the Cougars."....Eski

"Boy if I played a game I think I coud win and I'm only 2 feet tall."....Cat123

"GO LAKERS yeah SHAQ"....Funnybone

"DEFENSE!! DEFENSE!!"....Rach and Jen

"My team is winning!"....Paula

"Mom:"Dinner is on the table honey!" Black cat: "Sorry mom it's just such an interesting show."....qwerty

"I'm betting on cat get a basket."....Thomas

....."mew mew mew mew i would rather play with yarn yarn yarn yarn instead of watching people sweat meow" .... Bree

"The only kind of dribble that I know of is drool..."....emgangel

"Why do humans watch this stuff, its boring watching them running around after a ball, wait a minute I do that!!!!"....Kat

"Look at that big ball of orange yarn floating around......"....person in a place

"Darn! My team lost!"....kay to the s to the L


"My owners just said they were going to get the mail...but I see them all right there at this game...I caught them all red handed!!! Who's going to feed me?"....Andie

"See! I can find something pretty good when I can reach the remote!!!"....Maddy Moo

"Hey owner can you spare some cat nip?!"....Taylor

"C`mon it`s 567 to 679 and it`s the 105 period. Director: CUT! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS WHAT YOU SAID IT`S 12 TO 20 AND IT`S THE 3rd PERIOD.Director (thinking): Dummy!"....Ryan

"WOW, the Lakers are up by 2!"....Shoop

"Go, Nuggetts. Nuggetts sound good right now."....Shelby

"Ohhh ball, I want ball. But a ball of yarn sounds good too."....Dog101

"What? 4 to 5? No fair I lost".....Alexa

"Maybe they can video tape me watching TV and I'll win my family 10,000 dollars on America's Funniest Videos. And I shall take it all."....Kristin

"WOW brite shiny thing...."....Tia


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