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Photo #27
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Photo 27

"Racoon.... Breakfast lunch and dinner."....Maggie

"Mine!" "Yup! We're open now, come enjoy an all you can eat!"...FBG

"I love the smell of garbage in the morning smells like victory!"...Scrappy

"I hope that strike never ends."....4Kids2Teach

"Well I was going to Mcdonalds,[shrug] but this the same thing."....KTCCheesy

"Mama just found our lunch!"....Eils

"Well, I guess the Raven likes it!!"....Ms. Beauty

"No More Litter!!!!!!"...AngelWings

"Didn't I tell you to take the trash out so the crows wouldn't come, don't you remember what hapend last time you forgot?!?!?!?"...MissMoo

"They need to throw away better garbage for us animals to eat!"...Flute

"I can't belive I am so cute."....Elisha

"My food! Get away!"....Rach and Jen

"Hey Joe, they use Windex.... that explains the big bump on your head. All that over one sunflower seed by the window."....Mew

"Mom what are you doing in there??!!! Mom:"a peice of my hair fell out and it went in the water so i have to go get it.AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"....8765

"Choke" can't "Choke" breath "Gulp" arrr thats better "BURP" ohhh pardon me"....lil devil

"It is all in a days work for me the trash guy time to take out the trash!"....Video_game_and_Anime_guy

"BANANA PEEL: Get off of the merchandise, stinkbomb!"....Maddymoo

"Leftover salad, potatoe peels, old piece of bread, seems delicious to me"....Dog101

"Oh No, Mom! You threw my favorite toy in the garbage!"....cosmicgirl

"What? No wine with this?".....BJ

"One thing...I ain't helping"....fabricland

"Last week they had better trash than today don't you think?"....bunny

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