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Photo #6
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Photo #6

"See me blend in."....Bridge

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh darastick park! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"....Horse_Girl97

"I hate sleeping on lizards."....Patmeister106

"At last! I have finally defeated my evil twin!!!!"....Goooooomtropertub

"The travel agent told me to "blend in" with the locals."....Marty

"Announcer's voice: The iguanadon stalks with t-rexes (iguana looks at camera) LOOK mom I did make it to the Discovery channel !! (director's voice) Cut, how many times do I have to tell you stop talking to the camera.... All right people from the top. (one of the t-rexes) Ahh man my feet hurt can we get this scene over with I got a hot tub that is going to be cold and my wife is going to think I was at the pubs again."....Funnybone

"Jeff has just set out his Dinosaur toys with his pet!"....Jaymanation

"I am Godzilla!!!!!!! Hear me roar."....Curly

"I am LIZARDZILLA."....Andy

"I'm the next Godzilla. I'm bigger and better and I walk on 2 legs."....Sammy Soso

"Kill all of the dinosaurs and never return!!!!! KILL KILL."....Ky

"Hey nice game ha ha!"....Zach

"Smile for the camera."....Suga

"For Halloween I am being Godzilla!"....Alysha

"Honey, your relatives are here."....Mello

"Oh no you didnt!"....Rach and Jen

Hey.... I blend in... I finally blend in!!!"...Talon and MC

"ClubZilla.....Get your tail on"...Eve & Minky

"Which one is better looking?....Tam

"Honey, your relatives are here"....Andres

"They think that they are all THAT.....Sam

"Back away dinosaurs!....Shanie

"This guy saw Jurassic Park and is taking it way to seriously!"....Bob Pants

"Come on I am not a chicken."....Trina

"In the land of the dinosaurs......I rule!"....K~tie

"Hiya Dad!"....Tristan

"Yo, check it out dude, I'm with my own kind. They don't talk much DUD, must be, because of my good looks dude, yeah man, HeHeHe.."....CoDiE

"Iguana- Who do these guys think they are puttin' me on with a bunch of dinosaurs. Why aren't I at Taco Bell with that Dog or on the Geico commercials with the lizard !!!! Dinosaurs's: HEY!! Director - Cut, Barty (the iguana) WHY CANT U JUST DO YOUR LINES!!"....mnm

"Iguana- I want to try that Growth Ray Again! Human - NONONONONONONONONONONO!!!!!!"....Willie

"I'm a reptile and you are so a reptile you big lizard face."....Ayden

"You think I am afraid of you?"....Kenzie Star

"I was caught in the act."....Dee

"Mom you don't have to walk me to school today Rex is gonna meet me at the corner. Can I go to his house after school?"....Kimmie

"IGUANA-Join me, brothers, and together we will RULE THE WORLD!!!! Mmwahahahaha!!!!"....Gingerbread Witch

"Wow, he's the spitting image of me. Must be my long lost brother."....Loz

"Hey those are my organs, give them back!!"....SDFYRHU

"Oh NOOO Here HE Comes !!!! Hrrt, hrrt, hrrt .......Tiana

"Mom Mom where are you at I can't find you"....Mickey D

"Roar I'm the king of the dinosaurs FEAR ME"....Jeanne

"Who's next?">....Thacher

"Looks like the lizard had a run in with Harry Potter and an enlarging spell."....Jay

"This smells better than mud!!!"....Maddie

"Try to find the real dinosaur."....smallville

"Are you sure they ruled the world?"....Grand Pooba

"Yeah this is my Uncle Rex over here! Don't mess with me he ruled the world you know!"....Queen of Hearts

"Die, dinos, die!!!"....Dragongirl

"[Iguana]what's this goo e'r eh? *touch's it* EWWWW! GROSS! [toy] at's ya spit, spit monster!....Molly

"You rock dude!"....gerson11


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