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Photo 01

"It was relly funny I liked it."....punky96

"I'm gonna try and wait for Santa...then I can show him my amazing flying skills and maybe he'll let me be a reindeer!".........chalo

"Ohh why did ya wake me up for I was just having a nap and I was not hurting anybody. Wait has Santa been? If he has I have missed him. You two were supposed to wake me but ya didn't, I am angry with ya now.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (he fell asleep during now).".....Laura

"Opening all those presents was such a tiring job but I'm happy to do it again next year!"....Megan

"He's waitin' for Christmas,and he's really bored!"....Curly

"I'll catch him out this year, I just hope I don't fall asleep again."....Zoz

"I'll wait up until Santa Claus comes, and if he doesnt I'll bite his rear end next year".....Jess

"I'm just waiting for Santa to bring my bones!".....rox

"Why me? It wasn't my idea you know."....2cool4u

"I only have to wait till 12:00 and then I can see Santa.".....Anna

"I'm sleeping till Santa comes and gives me presents!".....Hanna

"Okay Look here I've been wating here all night and I didn't go to sleep for two days so I guess Santa and Old Saint Nick Aren't realllll....zzzzzzzzzz I'mmm sleepyyyyy"....Alexis

"I can stare into your souls.".....Joshy

"I am hoppy for Christmas."....JT

"Where is Santa Claws asked pooooodoll?".....turtley

"How I am I supposed to sleep when Santa's comin' to town?!?"....Christa

"C'mon Santa, I'm gettin' tired!"....Christa

"I'm tired of chasing Santa all night. He didn't give what I wanted!"....jennV

"Once my stomach is empty of all of those table scraps, you and that hat are dead meat!"....Santa's Sweetie

"Happy Birthday!"....Hannah

"I had to chop down the tree by myself.".....Christmas Joy

"I'm watching you.. zzzz".....Zach

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