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Two Headed Dog Breaks Leash Law
Should Pup be Punished?

Cookie the 2 headed Dog

[CALDON - APRIL 1, 2002] - It started out like any other day. Cookie and his owners, Jim and Sally Jones were walking in their local park when police swooped down and gave the Jones' a citation on Cookie.

According to a local ordinance all dogs in the park must be on a leash. Authorities were notified that a dog in the park was seen without a leash, the dog was Cookie.

Sally Jones, near tears, told the officers on the scene that Cookie was on a leash, showing the officers the leash and collar securely fashioned to one of Cookie's necks. The officers noted the leash only secured one side of Cookie and not the other.

Despite protests from Jim Jones the officers wrote up a citation stating "the dog was not in full control at all times", since Cookie could change directions with the unsecured head and neck.

The crowd, which had gathered, boo'd the officers as they continued to write up the citation against Cookie. One passerby noted, "Cookie is a great dog, two kids can pet him on the head[s] at the same time and he loves it."

Despite the support of the crowd Sally and Jim were told to take Cookie home and secure him properly next time they were out walking or they would be back to arrest Cookie.

Jim and Sally explained that two collars and leashes would have Cookie coming and going in too many directions and would make it unmanageable but the officers still didn't buy it.

The Jones plan to appeal the citation to the highest courts.

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