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Kids Turn Holiday Traditions

Christmas Cards

In 2005 - 1.9 billion Christmas cards were sent to friends and loved ones, making Christmas the largest card-sending occasion in the United States.

Even with the advent of email and ecards, we still continue the holiday tradition of sending Christmas cards and greetings through the postal system.

The first Christmas card printed for public sale was designed by Sir Henry Cole and John Horsley in 1843 and sold for one shilling apiece. One thousand copies were printed. It is also believed that a Christmas Card engraved by a young apprentice named William Egley also appeared around the same time. Egley had hundreds of copies made and sent them to his friends.

In the late 1800s the method of printing color was improved lowering prices, as well, a new postal system in England with lower costs allowed everyone to send Christmas cards.

Christmas cards made their way to America in 1874 with a German immigrant named Louis Prang who created and printed beautiful. Within ten years it is said he sold several million a year.

The tradition of sending Christmas Cards continues to this day. It is a simple gesture that can help keep friendships alive and a way to reach out to others by sharing the warmth of the holiday season.

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