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Classic Halloween Costume:

Corpse Ghost Girl:

Here's how to become a Corpse Ghost Girl!

First, you'll need:

    1. An old, long white, plain nightgown
    2. Dirt, mud, fake blood, and leaves
    3. White powder, face paint,or cream
    4. Scissors
    5. Dark makeup for your eyes and lips
Here's what to do:
    1. Take the nightie and cut it in a few places. If you want to use the fake blood, put it in the gashes. Also, rub the dirt and mud to look like you rose from the grave.
    2. Put white powder or cream on your skin.
    3. Put dark makeup heavily on your eyelids and lips. Also, put fake blood and dirt, on your face. Put dirt and leaves in your hair.
It's that simple!

Thanks to Sam for this great idea!

Corpse Bride Child

Corpse Bride Child

From the animated Tim Burton movie, Corpse Bride.

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