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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Five Star Weirdo:

Here is what you do:

Buy a really tall wig, a belt that has stuff hanging off of it, a shirt and a skirt that do not match whatsoever. Like a blue and pink shirt that has a monkey on it and a skirt that is incredibly tacky.

Buy fishnet tights and put on really thick socks over the fishnet tights and wear Mary Janes.

Paint your nails different colors. Like each nail a different color, no repeating, then get clear nail polish that makes it glow in the dark and put that over it.

Buy those make-up sticks and get lots of different colors and put little dots all over your face, put on a moustache, and take a purple color dot one and put it through your eyebrows.

Wear gloves, wristers, that have the finger part cut off. When you put on the wig, put your hair in a really messy bun and put the wig over it so it kinda balances on top.

That's about as weird as it gets!

Thanks to Emily for this strange idea!

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