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Cat Woman:

Hey! This is a beautiful rendition of that popular cat/cat women costume that everyone seems to love so much:

You will need:

  • black fishnet tights
  • a plain black leotard
  • wide black ribbon
  • medium sized rhinestones
  • eyelash glue
  • any strong glue that can be used on fabric
  • bobby pins/hair elastics/temporary black hair dye
  • cat ear headbands
How to put together:
    1. Put a piece of newspaper between the two layers of fabric of the leotard. Glue a line of evenly spaced rhinestones onto the neck hole seam and continue the rhinestones down the shoulder straps and around the back of the leotard.

    2. If the fishnet tights don't already have sequins on the seam, glue a steady line of rhinestones along the seam, from the top of the waist band to the bottom of the heel. Be sure to put newspaper between the stockings, so the glue doesn't seep through and stick the sides together.

    3. Cut a piece of ribbon so it fits around your neck with room to tie a bow in the back. Stretch it straight across a piece of newspaper and glue a line of rhinestones to it. Let dry.

    4. The day of the event, put the tights on, and the leotard over it. Tie the ribbon choker around your neck, leaving a bow at the back.

    5. Put a little bit of eyelash glue on the back of a rhinestone. Place it on the corner of your eye, just outside the eyelash, hold until partly dry and repeat on other side.

    6. If your hair is long enough, part it in the middle and gather each side into two high pigtails at the top of your head. If your hair isn't long enough to do this, use a wig or consider purchasing a cat ear headband.

    7. Twist one of the pigtails into a bun at the top of your head. Secure it with bobby pins and spray it with the black hair dye. Repeat on the other side.

    8. When the hair paint is dry, use some more eyelash glue to put rhinestones all along the hair buns, making them sparkle.

    9. If you'd like, use black face paint to cover the upper half of your face, creating a "V" that comes to a point at your nose thus creating a 'mask'

Thanks to J for this detailed idea!

Catwoman Deluxe Adult Small

Catwoman Deluxe Adult Small

From this year's movie, Catwoman™.

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