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Classic Halloween Costume:


This sounds kind of dorky but it all depends on how you wear it. Wear either a short demon skirt or dark blue jeans, a white strappy top, a dark demon jacket (to match the jeans or skirt), a red bandanna tied around your neck, brown (or black) boots with heels, and some sort of black or brown belt.
Also wear your hair in pigtails or two braids under a cowboy hat. For makeup wear bright red lipstick, lots of extra pink blush, blue or pink eye shadow and lots of mascara.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this neat (not dorky) idea!!

Another Idea

Cute Cowgirl

Get some fringed denim shorts, a red plaid belly shirt, a fringed denim vest, and some boots.

Put on some red lipstick and some fake freckles.

Put your hair into pigtails and braid them.

There you go!

Thanks to Libby for this fun idea!

Another Different idea...

A cool idea is to get a cow face plush. Make sure you can see through it because you don't want to walk into something! Then wear a cow girl hat. If you want. Then wear a black short or long sleeve shirt. Then wear cowboy boots with fishnet tights. Then cow print or black skirt.

Now you are all set to be a Cow Girl!! lol HAVE FUN

Thanks to Tori for this addition.

Here's how to make a dead cowgirl:

  • Get an old cowgirl outfit [you can also buy one at any Halloween store]
  • Paint your eyes with black all around them and powder your face white
  • Make fake blood and cuts
  • Wear other black things [black lips, nails] etc.
There is your dead cowgirl!!!

Thanks go to Gymnast for this idea

Another Idea

First of all the western look is in year and you will be able to get these objects

  • cute pair of cowgirl boots (cheap at Limited Too)
  • flannel shirt (ask dad or mom for one they might have.)
  • denim skirt (Areo or Ambercrombie has cute ones)
  • big belt (Hollister or Ambercrombie has cool ones)
Well the way you do your hair is a different story if you have long hair then put it in two braids.Or if you have short hair then put it in low piggy tails.

Have fun with this idea. I have been giving this idea to many people that ask me what they should be. I always recommend this. Me and a bunch of my friends are doing too.

Thanks to Darien from IL. for this cute addition

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