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Simon and Garfunkel

I have really been into the music of Simon and Garfunkel lately and this gave me the inspiration. I'm really hoping that two of my guy friends will do this costume idea for me being that I cannot do it myself because I'm a girl.

For this, you need to be a male with your brother/friend/ or any other male you know. Make sure that the taller one of the two goes as Art Garfunkel. If you go as Paul Simon instead, it just won't look right. Art Garfunkel is a foot taller then Paul Simon!

For Art Garfunkel, if your hair is already blonde, then curl it. If it isn't blonde, wear a short blonde curly win.

For Paul Simon, if you already have dark hair, comb it like his hair. If your hair isn't dark, wear a short dark wig. Make sure to carry some form of an acoustic guitar. Try putting the guitar on a guitar strap so that way you won't have a hard time carrying your trick or treat bag and a guitar at the same time.

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Simon & Garfunkel

When it comes to clothes, look online for Simon & Garfunkel photos or go through your parents' records or CD's and get an idea from there on what clothes of them to wear.

An optional idea: call each other Paulie and Artie. LOL

Thanks to Courtney for submitting another great idea!

Inflatable Guitar

Inflatable Guitar

Includes: Guitar.

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