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Person on a Toilet:

I first saw this costume on America's Funniest Home Videos years ago. It was a costume of someone on the toilet.
First you take some thick Bristol board (it might be called thick poster board or something) and cut out a circle and then another circle inside of that. This is the toilet seat.
Then you get a normal piece of Bristol board and make it into a circle. This will be the bottom of the toilet - so make sure to cut it so that it won't touch the floor when you put on the costume (it will be hanging from your shoulders).
Then, get a rectangular box and paint it white or cover it with white paper - attach this to the toilet seat and bottom - this is the back of the toilet.
Then you get a pair of leotards and stuff them with something. I used newspaper but I found it to be too heavy - maybe tissue paper would work. This will be your "legs" as you sit on the toilet.
Attach straps to the inside of the toilet bowl so that it will hang on your shoulders. Then attach the legs to your waist using a belt - you may have to make straps in the toilet bowl for the belt as well, it helps to keep it up.
Then you wear a long T-shirt over the costume so that the straps and top of leotards cannot be seen.
You may need to work at it to balance the weight of the box at the back and the legs, it can be difficult if your legs are heavy. I had to use duct tape inside the bowl to keep things attached - and you can maybe staple the straps in.
Then put a Kleenex box on the top of the box and if you want, a flushing handle. Pin boxer shorts to the bottom of the stuffed leotards and you can even walk around with a book in your hand and read it. There you have it!

Thanks to Rachel and her terrific Dad in Ontario for this very unique idea!!!

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