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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Crazy Person:

You want to be a CRAZY PERSON?

First you put a lot of dark eye shadow (black). Next some dark red lipstick smear it all over your mouth. After that you put a long white T-shirt on.

Try to have your hair very messy. And some freaky shoes.

Thanks to Marylou for this crazy idea.

Another Idea.... for a Guy Crazy Person

Get a black, pink, or white belly tank top.

If you have...Black, in red write "I Love Bob" [or name of guy you are crazy about. If, Pink in white write the same, or if White in any colour do the same.

In black(washable marker) write "I Love Bob" (example) all over your arms and stomach.

Wear a pair of old sweat pants (not jeans).

Write stuff like cute, charming, mmm...., mine, hot stuff, and I heart Bob (for example).

Get black boots. Throw your hair in a ponytail

Get a black studded Bracelet and you are now living the life of a person who is guy crazy. Get a hat and write charming on it (optional).

Thanks to Caitlin in Indiana for this idea.

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