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David Desrosiers:

Its easy to be David Desrosiers if you know who he is. It's even easier if you know a lot about him. I know a lot about him, I even look like him naturaly. I know how to be David so now it's your turn.

This is for guys and girls.

How to be David Desrosiers:

You will need:

  • Tight black or blue jeans (For the boys try wearing girls jeans the style may work)
  • A band T-shirt preferably black or pink (try the used, gob, the eyeliner, letter kills)
  • Black shoes (try Vanz or Airwalk)
  • If not already pierced a fake nose,lip,and earrings. 3 in one ear 2 in other ear.
  • A studded belt
  • A black wrist band (black jelly bracelets work just as well)
  • If you hair is not down to the begining of your neck and bangs a bit below your eyes and colored black you may cut it and dye it or get a wig (dark brown works)
  • Black or pink eye liner. Pink Wear thin and black wear thick

Thanks to Crazy4SimplePlan for this idea!

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