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Halloween Costumes Halloween

Cool Punk:

Put black nail polish on and also you can put fake nose, ear, mouth piercing. Also where very baggy pants and a metal belt.

You could also fake dye your hair which you can get that from a pharmacy or the dollar store which is a coloured spray and you should get black if your hair isn't already black, and red, and blue.

You can even wear the spikey rocky bracelets or necklaces.

Go on and try it. That's what I am gonna try this Halloween. Trust me it will look wicked!

Thanks to aroo for this fun idea!

Another idea...

Girl Punk

All you really need are some baggy clothes, a pink wig (to make it even more cool look for a spiked pink wig), and some spike bracelets. Its really simple actually.

Thanks to Kayla for this idea.

Another Idea

For a punk you need LOTS of black makeup and nail polish and blue jeans with homemade rips, old shoes and a black tank top with a black top. Rip up the sleeves. Add fake tattoos and piercing but FAKE!!!!

Thanks to Carolyn for this idea.

Another Idea

Need a punk outfit? Try this one. Use cargo pants or baggy shorts, black lipstick, black nails, spiky chokers or bracelets, black T-shirt (with rockin' message), Converse shoe or skater shoes.

Color your hair pink and use a lot of chains on yourself also use fake tattoo and fake piercing.

Thanks to Ryan for this addition.

Another Idea

How to look like a Punk:

  • Dye your an insane color, like neon green or hot pink, purple or blue, leave it down if its long, spike it or Mohawk it if its short.
  • Wear a shirt that says "Ramones" or "NoFX" on it.
  • Wear a denim jacket over that shirt, and put different colored patches all over it...or pins
  • Wear blue, green, or black eyeliner EVEN if ur a boy
  • Wear baggy camouflage pants
  • Wear high top converses. or vans. if u dont wanna waste n e more money, get ur old white sneakers and draw all over them.
Thanks to "Wicked" for this idea

Another Idea

To be a punk you'll need:

  • 1 leather jacket
  • 1 pair of tattered pants
  • 1 black beanie
  • Fake blood
Put on all your clothes and apply blood at the corner of your eye and mouth. Voila! A punk!

Thanks to Kayla for this addition

Zombie Skate Punk Child Medium

Zombie Skate Punk Child Medium


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