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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Punk Rock Star:

This is one of the funniest and best halloween costumes you can put together.

To Be A Punk Rock Star You Need :

  • A white T-shirt, you have to rip it up with cuts and tears in it and then spray paint some things on it.
  • Wear your hair either frizzy, high pony tail, or braids in your hair everywhere.
  • Ripped pair of jeans that say rock star or rock 'n' roll on them
  • A lot of dark makeup
I did this idea last year and it worked really good.

Thanks to Janet M. for this super idea.

Another Punk Rocker idea:

Dress your self in old clothes. Put a lot of makeup in your face the color black. paint your nails black. Dye your hair in 2 different color.

Note: only for girls.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this idea.

Another great idea...

Just were some baggy pants, or were all black clothing then dye your hair any colour like pink, orange blue- best colours to use. Black lipstick, chains, fake piercing and voila you have a punk rocker. For guys a punk rocker hair style would be Mohawk

Thanks Sassy Punk Rocker Chick for this one!

Here's another idea...

My dad grew up in the Punk era so I'm being one for Halloween!

How to look like a Punk Rocker:

    * First your gonna need to go on a trip to the dollar store! I know it sounds crazy but it'll work! Get a Dog's Chain and find some wacky key chains. (attach it to a pair of baggy pants)
    * Wear baggy Camouflage pants or just Cargo pants or just baggy black pants.
    * Wear dark Eyeliner! and a lot of eye shadow!
    * An old white T-shirt with a tie
    * Army boots
    * Try to dress in a lot of camouflage but make your outfit stand out and try to copy off of one of your favorite punk rockers!
Don't forget to put Red pink blue or orange spray in your hair!

Thanks to Angelash for this idea!

Another idea...

To have a punk costume your gonna need a plaid pleaded skirt, red or black fishnet tights (rip them for better effect) black top (hoodie, tank top, or T-shirt) and if you want a tie, maybe a pink one.

Black nail polish, or fake black nails, black eyeliner, black eye shadow and black lipstick, and a fake lip ring, eyebrow and/or nose ring, wear a pink, red, black or blue wig, or use that temporary hair dye stuff, and then, for shoes, wear black high top sneakers, combat boots or black knee high boots.

Voila! There you have it! A perfectly punked out costume!

Thanks to Jill for this additional idea.

Another Idea

First you need a mini skirt, a black spike bracelet, any shirt (it has to be cool), black stockings and last, but not least, big shoes!

Thanks to Madison for this addition.

Another Idea

Ok, first you need to get some sort of plaid mini skirt, lots and lots and lots of rubber neon bracelets.

Do your hair pink and black or the color of your choice. Black fishnet, high top Chuck Taylors, eyeliner and make a cat eye, and lots of funky colors, you don't have to be in all black to be punk.

Remember you're trying to go punk not Goth. Fake piercing and old punk rock band like the Clash or Sex Pistols shirt.

That's it.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this addition.

Another Idea

These are some good ideas.


  • a spray painted shirt with fishnet and chains on it.
  • or a white shirt with a tie
  • or a band tee shirt
  • or like Kelly Osbourne, go vintage!
  • a skirt that is plain or has a design on it
  • have chains, zippers and belts on it
  • don't forget, fishnet
  • black, brown or hot pink and black nails
Tip: if fishnet feel uncomfortable wear hot pink stockings underneath for a punk rock look! Also rip them up (do it the day that Halloween starts because if you do it before hand it will not fit!)


  • spikes
  • chains
  • chokers
  • sweat bands
  • different colored jelly bracelets
  • fake body jewelry
  • arm or hand warmers
  • spiked or silver rings
  • fire flame things
  • wear different colors ( red, blue, pink or black are best)
  • deadlocks
  • braids
  • straight hair
  • go spiked!
  • have it twisted up!
  • boots
  • Converse or canvas shoes
  • old run- down sneakers Fake Body Jewelry:
    • cartilage
    • several on ear lobe
    • nose
    • eye brow
    • lip
    Thanks to freaky punk rocker for these ideas
    Another Idea

      1. Get a chain wallet
      2. Spike your hair with gel and hair spray
      3. Bring something like an instrument (optional)
      4. Wear mainly black with touch of white or red works too
      5. Get fake tattoos
      6. Wear rocker shoes that are comfortable
      7. Also dye your hair red or black - girls usually pink
    With all that you'll be a total rocker.

    Thanks to anonymous submitter for this addition.

    Another Idea

    To be a Punk Rock Star you'll need:

    • Jeans any kind you want black or blue and they don't have to be really tight
    • Jelly bracelets, body piercing (ears,lip,eye brow, etc.),any studded jewelry, and maybe sweatbands
    • T-shirt,tank-top,or sweater with a band name on it like The Clash,Green Day, The Sex Pistols, and etc.
    • Maybe some chains or a good spiked belt
    • For your hair you can spike it,make it messy,put it in a awesome bun, or just a simple ponytail
    And that's all you need in order to be a Punk Rock Star

    Thanks to Elise for this addition.

    Another Idea

    You need to get either a black tee or one of your fav band tees like Green Day or Flogging Molly.

    A pair of Baggy pants like Dickies or jeans from any store. A pair of Chucks or Vans or goudy boots. A whole bunch of jelly bracelets from Spencer Gifts or Hot Topic. Clunky Necklaces from anywhere.

    And then to finish it off mess up your hair and spray it any color u want.

    Thanks to Punky Monkey92 for this new idea

    Another Idea

    Here's what to do. Get lots of hair spray and have liberty spikes. Wear a leather jacket and wear tight jeans with holes and Chuck high tops

    Thanks to Glenda for this addition.

    Another Idea

    I'm doing this for Halloween this year:

    You need:

    • Black Mini-skirt
    • Hot pink(or red) fishnet stockings
    • Black and pink skater shoes
    • Inflatable guitar
    Put it all together and strap on the "guitar" and that's it. I just now put it together without buying anything!

    Maybe put some dark eyeliner and streak your hair, chipped nail polish. Especially if you want to impress "someone!"

    Thanks to Cassandra for this addition.

    Another Idea

    Punk Rocker

    All you need is a plain white top (remember to rip it) and try to get a flourecent top to go underneath!

    Then get either a plaid skirt (for girls) or a pair of ripped jeans with flourecent tights underneath (or fishnet stockings).

    Finally, get loads of black make up, EYELINER, black nail polish and make a mad frizzed up hair do and plaster it in pink, green, blue and orange hair spray!

    Voila! You have a perfect punk rocker costume!

    Thanks to Charles for this addition

    Another Idea

    I might be a punk rock girl this year. This is what you might need:

    • Black Nail Polish (with optional skull and crossbones design)
    • Black wig or dye
    • Black eyeliner and mascara
    • Bangs(optional)
    • Baggy Jeans or black pants
    • Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops (Preferably Black)
    • Arm glove worn on one arm or black fingerless gloves
    • Studded/spiked bracelet and belt
    • White shirt or tank top (Preferably plain)
    • A tie worn losely
    Thanks to Nicole for this terrific addition!

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