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Halloween Costumes Halloween

Mary Kate and Ashley:

You need you and one of your friends get 2 of the same blonde wigs, 2 of the same black dresses and 2 pairs of the same black shoes. Then put some make up on and you are Mary Kate and Ashley.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this fun idea!

Another idea...

You can be like Mary Kate and Ashley by wearing the same clothes only have the shirts and shoes be different colors. You can go with a friend. One will be Ashley and one Mary-kate

This idea from Elle (10), Wisconsin

Another idea...

Instead of dressing the same, dress like they did in two of a kind!

Mary Kate was sporty and wore jeans, shorts baseball caps, t-shirts etc.

Ashley wore crazy hairdo's, short skirts, boots, shirts etc. Wear matching blonde wigs and you have the look!

Thanks to anonymouse submitter for this idea!

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Mary-Kate Olsen

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