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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Dr John Dorian - JD from Scrubs:

You'll need:
  • A solid colored long sleeved t-shirt
  • Blue scrubs set or a blue scrub top and pants; they don't have to match
  • Nike sneakers; wearing socks helps too
  • Hair gel or mousse (don't forget - mousse and twist)
  • Black sheet of construction paper
  • White paint pen or white-ribcaout pen
Wear the long sleeved t-shirt, put the scrubs on over that. Wear the Nike sneakers and socks

If you have dark hair, this works best. Otherwise, just darken your hair with some hair color or colored hair spray. Put the mousse in it (mousse and twist) to get it similar to JD's hair.

Draw a ribcage on the black construction paper with the white paint or white-out pen; then write the Scrubs logo on it.

Affixing a label to your scrubs top that says JD might help. You can also take a white index card, color the top 1/3rd of it red and write Sacred Heart Hospital on the red portion in black marker. Affix a photo of yourself on the left edge of the card and sign your name on the right part of the card: Sample.

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Thanks to Omar for this new idea!



Deluxe Stethoscope.

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