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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Sports figures:
Hockey players, football players, baseball players are all easy to emulate this time of year.

Basketball Player:

Here's a really cheap and easy way to do this type of costume. Get a loose white tank top or a loose white T-shirt and cut the sleeves off. Use markers(washable or permanent) or fabric paints to put a number and team name on the front.

You can also put a logo or picture on it. On the back put the same number and your first or last name. Get a pair of basketball shorts(mesh or nylon), and a pair of sneakers and you're set!

Here's a fun twist on it: Use the team name of the high school you are going to in the future, or make up your own.

Also, you can use a different color other than white for the top.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

Thanks to Y2Kate for this idea!

Another idea...

This year my son is going to dress up as a baseball player. This costume won't cost me anything because my son played baseball and already has a uniform. If your child has a uniform this makes for a great inexpensive costume and very little work.

Thanks to a Mom for this great tip.

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