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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Paris Hilton:

First, You have to get a real short skirt. Then you get a pretty low, plunging neck line shirt. They must match perfectly though.

Then, you get real strappy HIGH heel shoes and get a long blonde wig, and get a pocketbook and put a stuffed dog in it.

Wear Fashionable sunglasses, even indoors.

Thanks to Alexis for this new idea!

Another Idea

Buy a plain pink shirt and with a black marker write "THAT'S HOT" on the front and "YOUR NOT" on the back. Match this with a denim mini skirt, a long blonde wig and a big Prada bag with a stuffed dog.

Thanks to Livi for this addition!

Buy at
Paris Hilton
Another Idea

Paris Hilton, who I must say is my idol, is very out spoken and is proud of her body BUT for those of us who have over-protective daddies then maybe this costume is better then short short skirts!!!!!!

First find an old pair of jeans (would be cute if they were white!!!!) Then get a pair of scissors and cut holes through out the pants and wash them a few times so that they fray out.

TIP: If you are doing this with white jeans it will be cute if you get a can of foam tanning stuff (PREFERABLY Neutrogena brand that's the best!!) or if you have time to lay out or go to the tanning bed but I would use the foam because it's instant.

Next get a plunging line neck shirt (Gadzooks, Fashion Bug, Fashion Stop, Abercrombie).

Then get slip on High heels with the buckle in the front (if you are wearing white jeans DO NOT wear white high heels OR a white shirt BIG fashion NO NO!)

Have fashion pair of sun glasses also (Paris always has sunglasses!!) you can find these cheap at T.J Maxx or flea markets or you can go to Gucci!!!!

Next have a cell phone (it CAN be fake if necessary) And a REALLY REALLY cute purse to put Tinkerbell (Paris's Chihuahua puppy) put a small sweater or shirt on the dog (the dog NEEDS to be fake!!!!) and a small necklace and if possible LOL small high heels!!!!

Glimmer, shine and have a good time being the true Paris inside us ALL!

Thanks to Erin for this additional idea.

Another Idea

For Paris Hilton:
The look:

  • Get a long blonde wig
  • Oversized sun glasses
  • A tinkerbell skirt (white)
  • A "That's hot" shirt or a shirt that shows some skin, but not that much
  • High heels
  • Designer bag or one that looks like one
  • Put a stuffed dog in it
  • Diamond necklace
  • A diamond "rock" or ring (fake or real)
  • Pink eye shadow
  • Pink lip gloss
  • Blush
  • Bark bronzer (unless you are really tan)
  • Mascara
Thanks to Caitlin in Indiana for this addition.

Another Idea

The Paris Hilton Look:

  • Long Blonde Wig
  • Short Mini Skirt (Pink, White, or Baby Blue)
  • Low Cut V. Neck (Short cut) From: Abercrombie, Hollister, or Roxy Clothing.
  • Light pink Oversized Sun glasses
  • Strappy High Heels (Match your Shirt!!!)
  • Designer bag or a fake Designer bag.
  • Get a stuffed Mini dog Like the taco Bell dog
  • Diamond Necklace
  • Bling-Bling ring (Real or Fake)
  • Diamond Ear rings
The Make-up:
  • Sparkly Pink Eye shadow and a white Base Color (Bottom)
  • Pink Lip gloss with a shiny clear coat
  • Bronzer
  • Light pink Blush
Thanks to another Paris fan!
Another Idea

If you can, wear a short skirt or jeans. Wear a shirt that says "That's hot", with Tinkerbell on it,or something pink.

A long blonde wig. Get a matching purse and put a dog in it.

Next if your parents won't let you were dark makeup put on a really light pink with pink lip gloss, light pink blush. Wear earrings, a necklace ,and a ring. Nail polish dark pink and of course sunglasses.

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this idea!

Another Idea

For an awesome Paris Hilton costume:

  • a long blonde wig
  • strappy high-heels
  • short mini dress
  • aviator sunglasses
  • an oversize bag
  • a small fake Chihuahua dog to put in the bag
  • a sticker that says " the simple life" or " Nicole stinks" for the bag
  • blue eye shadow and pink red lipstick to make the Smokey eyed look
  • a pretty necklace, maybe the one with her name on it
For a farm costume from the Simple Life:
  • a long braided wig
  • a v-neck plaid shirt
  • tight, ripped mini shorts
  • big white oversized or aviator glasses
  • high sandal wedges
  • a simple life sticker for the oversized bag
  • the small Chihuahua for the bag
  • a small straw hat ( optional)
Thanks to Cathy for this additional idea.

Another Idea

To work the Paris costume you need...

    A) A long or short blonde wig if you don't already have blonde hair.
    B) A mini skirt any color. Period.
    C) Pink shirt D) Make-up. Pink lip gloss, Pink eye shadow, And mascara.
    E) Matching shoes.
Thanks to Sharon for this addition


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