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Paris Hilton:

I have two main looks for you Paris Hilton looks for you, with multiple options in each: Classy and Trashy (sorry, this is quite long, but very detailed)

Classy Paris:

    Look 1(Clean and Classic):

  • a little longer than shoulder-length blonde wig with loose curls, preferably with bangs (put it on as a side part)
  • Huge white sunglasses (preferably Dior Glossy or Dior Glossy look-a-likes)
  • a white knee length 40's style empire waist dress, with deep-V neckline and black or brown stripes if possible
  • tie a thick Black or Brown belt or ribbon around the waist to add that vintage feel
  • very sheer black nylons or fishnet stocking
  • Black open-toe or pointed toe stilettos

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Paris Hilton
  • Pearl necklace (real or fake)
  • Pearl or Diamond earrings (real or fake)
  • HUGE Diamond ring (real or fake)
  • Huge diamond watch or thick white gold bangles (fake or real)
  • Diamond bobbie-pins to hold bangs and some hair to the side or just for decoration
  • Shimmery Light Brown eye shadow on entire lid, Shimmery chocolate brown shadow in crease
  • Thick, black 40's style eyeliner (top lid only), very smudged brown liner on bottom lash line
  • medium length fake eyelashes or lots of mascara on top lashes (for people with long eyelashes)
  • Marilyn Monroe red lipstick or gloss (no shimmer, just glossy)
  • a light dusting of bronzer along your T-zone (cheek-bones, above eyebrow bone, the nose and chin; apply mostly to the cheek-bones)
Look 2 (Fun and Vibrant):
  • a medium-length blonde loose curl wig, preferably with bangs (pin back hair for a more classy look)
  • Huge tortoise-shell(brown) sunglasses (preferably Dior Glossy or Dior Glossy look-a-likes)
  • Flowy silk/satin teal knee-length strapless dress with sweet-heart neckline and empire waist; or sheer-like reddish-multicolored flowy empire waist dress past your knees with a low neckline and thin straps
  • a great golden tan (Spray Tan or tanning bed, your pic)
  • Pink stilettos with teal dress; sparkly high-heel sandals with colored dress
  • Sparkly Clutch Bag
  • a short thin Diamond necklace with big pink jewel in the middle on the teal dress, super thick Diamond-ONLY necklace for the colored dress (fake or real)
  • Pink jewel earrings (teal dress); Diamond chandelier earrings (colored dress)
  • pink-jewel bracelet (teal dress); thick diamond bracelets or bangles (colored dress)
  • HUGE Diamond Ring for either dress
  • Sheer-Shimmery Vanilla shadow along the corner of the eye (tear duct), and just above the inner lashes, Pale Grey shadow along entire lid up to crease, Smoke-Grey shadow along outer crease for definition
  • Charcoal Grey eyeliner in the lash line, smudge with que-rip for extra soft look, do the same for the bottom lid
  • a little bit of fake lashes along the top-outside corners of the eyelid (preferably individual lash extensions) finish with two coats of black mascara
  • Nude or Sheer Pink Shimmery gloss
  • VERY LIGHT dusting of a Candy Pink blush on cheek-bones

Trashy Paris

The Look:

  • Waist Length super straight or beach curl Platinum Blonde Wig, with side bangs
  • ULTRA DARK/Orangey Tan, or lots of dark body makeup
  • Lime-Green Super Short dress with Ultra Low Neckline and very small straps (Like at the 3rd BET awards in 2004; the color will make your tan stand out more) *Tip* To make the dress look more trashy hand-cut the bottom a bit shorter, or cut shreds into the back, or just cut out the whole back
  • HUGE oversized shield sunglasses (preferably Versace 2022 or Versace 2022 look-a-likes)
  • Super High Silver Strappy Stilettos
  • HUGE Diamond Ring (real or fake)
  • BIG Diamond stud earrings (real or fake)
  • If you have one, a BIG diamond belly-button ring, or just a clip or magnet one
  • Grey shadow on the entire lid up to the crease, then Shimmery Dark Grey shadow in the crease and smudge a bit upwards for a smokey look *Tip* Squint your eyes and put some Dark grey on the puffed up lower lid as close to the eyelashes as possible, smudge a little bit (this makes the eye look more seductive and trashy)
  • finally, a Pale gold shimmer just under the eyebrow.
  • Black eyeliner along the entire top lash line, smudge into lashes; and the lower waterline (the inner part of the eyelid)
  • if you have any, apply a lip plumper for about 15 minutes, then wipe clean and put a Shimmery Pale-Pink lip gloss
  • put a TON of bronzer on cheek-bones just under the eyes (this makes it look like you've just come out of a tanning bed) and a little on your nose and forehead
  • Finish off with a full body dusting of Body Shimmer or Bronzer, especially on your legs and collar bone!!
Thanks to Calvin for these terrific ideas!

Another Idea

Here are some ideas to become Paris Hilton:

If you have dark hair you have 2 options.............

    1. dye your hair blonde
    2. Get a long blonde wig
If you're already blonde but have short hair you also have 2 options.............
    1. get extensions (you can get clip ins like Jessica Simpson Hairdo)
    2. you could also get a long blonde wig
If you have long blonde hair just straighten it.

Make up:

  • blue eyeliner
  • bronzer or spray tan
  • pink lip gloss
Tip: if you don't have blue eyes already get blue contacts


  • any color empire dress
  • matching shoes
  • oversized sun glasses
  • Chihuahua( can be real or fake)
  • T mobile Sidekick
Thanks to Missy Vee for these additions

Another Idea

Hi! My name is Brenda. I'm 10 years old and I'm going to be Paris Hilton this Halloween!

Things You'll Need:

  • Baby Doll Shirt but in a dress or tank top and mini skirt.
  • Heels or Flip Flops
  • Long or Short Blonde Wig (if you don't already have blonde hair.)
  • Optional: Big Purse (make sure it matches!) to carry all of your candy!
  • Sunglasses!
  • Headbands work great!
  • Make-up, accessories, and nail polish are perfect!

Thanks to Brenda for this addition.

Another Idea

To be Paris Hilton for Halloween, all you need is:

  • long blonde wig
  • stretchy material skirt (write that's hot on the front, and that's not on the back)
  • a plain pink shirt
  • strappy white high heels
  • a purse (fake or real. If you have just a normal purse, write something like 'Jimmy Choo' or 'Chloe' or some other brand)
  • oversized sunglasses
  • a stuffed Chihuahua
Good luck!

Thanks to Olivia for this new idea!


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