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Avril Lavigne:

For Avril Lavigne you need a black studded bracelet and belt, a black tank top (if you can write a red star on it, it's Avril's "sign") and camouflage pants (big and baggy), if your eyes aren't green you can get green contacts but that's optional, and a light brown wig is helpful if you don't have that color hair. You can go around with four or five boys if you want too (Avril doesn't go anywhere without them).

Thanks to Kayla for this popular idea.

Another Avril idea...

Wear some baggy pants and a tank top or a striped shirt. Wear some black eyeliner above and below your eyes. Make sure you get as close to your lashes as possible. Wear a lot of bracelets, black studded ones. Borrow one of your dad's ties, but make it really loose. Try wearing some boxers over your undies.

Thanks to Jaimie for this idea.

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Avril Lavigne

Another Avril idea...

Get a pair of baggy black pants. Preferably with cargo pockets. Wear a white thick strapped tank top. Get one of Dad's old ties, and wear that over the shirt. Big sneaker work best, with straight hair parted on the side. Bring a microphone along, and you will be a sk8tr gyrl/boi. don't forget that skateboard!

Thanks SoccerFrog for this idea.

Another idea...

Hey...really baggy pants or boy shorts, with boxers underneath, a white tight beater, a lose striped tie, bracelets, spike bracelet, long, straight dirty blonde hair, vans. That's it.

Thanks to Sacce for this addition.

Another idea....

To be Avril - ya have to be cool. It doesn't matter what you look like. you just gotta have her style man! but for a costume you can:

  • camo baggy jeans/ black baggy jeans
  • camo tank/ brown,black, green, dark blue tank
  • black eyeliner and mascara
  • dad's old tie (make it loose)
  • black bracelets (some with spikes some w/o)
  • chain necklace(with skull pendent)
  • high tops(converse)
  • straight light brown hair (any color will work)
But mostly you gotta have her attitude! Be super cool and have fun! Happy trick or treating dawgs!!!!!!

This idea from Avril's #1 fan - a.k.a. Nicole

Another Idea

Hey be Avril for Halloween u have to be kewl!

    The first thing u need is baggy pants
    Tank top
    A tie
    Eye liner and mascara
    Hair straight
    Act like her...duh!
That's mostly it ......I know this stuff cause I am her number one fan and no one can beat me at that and I wear all this stuff every day Have Fun trick or treating!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this one!

Another Idea...

To look like Avril, the new and improved one, you will need some black boots that go all the way to the knee. You will also need a red or black tutu and a black jacket you can cut out a red x from a different fabric and sew it on and then just put black eyeliner and black eye shadow.

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this idea.

Here's what you need to be Avril:
  • Black Tank top (Like in the Don't Tell Me video)
  • Long Black pants, Dickies possible. If jeans, dark long ones
  • Studded belt. Grommets are good. Or those flattish square things. You can get one at Claires.
  • Converse Shoes. Black and White ones are best. High top or oxford. Also try Vans checkerboard slip on's.
  • If your hair is long and blonde, buy some washable black dye and dye streaks of your hair black.
  • I heard Avril doesn't rinse out the conditioner right away, she leave it for a whiles, then rinses. So put a lot of conditioner in and wait for about 2 1/2 minuets, then rinse.
  • Straighten
  • Avril uses black nail polish.
  • I don't know how often she does, but sometimes she puts it all on her nails, like you regularly would, then when they're dry, remove a little bit with nail polish remover. Accessories: You can find a lot of this at Claires and Hot Topic.
  • Jelly Bracelets (black and pink, black and white or black and red)
  • Wrist Cuffs
  • Green Star Belt
  • Speed racer wrist band
  • Super star sports cuff
  • Dog tag necklace
  • Pink and white checker bracelet
  • If your ears are pierced, look for scull and crossbones stud earrings. These items are found online. They may not be at every Claires store. I hope that helps!

    Thanks to Princess for this additional information.

    Another Idea

    You need:

    • White tank top (thick strap)
    • Black tie
    • Converses or vans
    • Lots of eyeliner
    • Hair down with part in middle
    • Baggy pants (doesn't matter what kind)
    • Studded bracelet or belt
    • Boxers (wear pants low enough to see then)
    Thanks to Kelly for this addition.
    Another Idea

    Hey this is MD if you want to be the "Let go" Avril you need a green tank, red tie you can borrow your Dads, a pair of jeans, Black high top Converse, Black eye liner, Mascara, Green eye shadow, lip gloss, a sk8te board and a couple of Sk8ter Boi's.

    The most impotent thing is her attitude, don't care what people think and just have fun.

    Well, Rock on Avril Fans, I got to jet see ya.

    Thanks to MD for this addition.

    More Ideas

    Hey all the peeps that wanna be like Avril Lavigne (it's simple):

    Attitude ~ don't care what other people think and have fun!
    Style ~ Black or White Beater black baggy pants old tie!
    Jewelry ~ Jelly bracelets ~ black red black pink and other colors!
    Nails ~ Paint black try other colors on other nails too!
    Shoes ~ Vans, Converse(high tops), if you don't like those shoes try Airwalks!

    Thanks to Sarah for these additions.

    Another Idea:

    Hi, if you want to be Avril Lavigne all you need is:

    • A tie (try to find solid colors instead of patterns if you do decide to do patterns try to go with stripes)
    • A black T-shirt
    • A pair of cargo pants/baggy pants
    • Black nail polish or a black permanent marker
    • Sweat band otherwise known as wrist bands
    • Tennis shoes
    • If you have wavy hair try to use a hair straightener on it or get a light brown wig
    Now put it all together and you will look just like Avril!

    Thanks to Jess and Cher for this idea

    Another Idea

    If you want to be Avril Lavigne, you will need:


    • black jeans
    • black tee over a plain white long sleeve top
    • long, straight black hair shorter in front longer in back with full bangs
    • gold studed belt
    • black converse or skate board flats
    • long gold necklace


    • long, straight blonde hair with hot pink high lights or extensions with full bangs
    • plain white tee shirt
    • blue plaid treasurer skirt with straps (see attachment)
    • black wrist brace
    • big rings, long necklaces, dangle earings, and bracelets (all silver)
    • black high heels
    • knee high socks with black stripes on top

    Hope it helps! HAVE FUN AS AVRIL!

    Thanks to Gianna for his new idea!

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