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Amy Lee:

To dress up as Amy Lee from Evanescence you need a black top and a short black skirt.

On one leg wear a long sock/tights and on the other leg wear a black boot.

Dye your hair black or wear a black wig.

For the makeup paint your face white and then put on eye shadow - Colours that you can use: Red, blue, green, black or purple

Thanks to Heather for this new idea!

Another Idea - Amy Lee at the Prom

To be Amy Lee at the prom you will need a short dress that's kind of skin color, black boots, black fish net tights, white face paint and black, red lipstick and black, red or purple eye shadow.

You will need to dye your hair black or wear a black wig.

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this additional idea.

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Amy Lee of Evanescence (F...

Another Idea...

For Amy Lee wear a tiara and a black wig unless you already have black hair. Wear black pants, black boots, a black belt with a lot of chains and stuff hanging from it, a pink shirt with a fishnet black jacket or a long sleeve black and pink shirt.

For makeup wear light foundation (or if you are already pale then don't wear foundation), wear pink eye shadow and black eyeliner then paint your fingernails black.

Thanks to Taryn for this addition.

Another Costume Idea to dress up as Amy Lee (from Evanescence) is:
  • Wear a white tank top
  • A pair of denim blue jeans
  • Some sneakers or boots
  • A pair of black angel wings
  • Black Hair spray if your hair isn't black
  • Mascara
You might recognize that she wore these items in the music video 'Broken' with Seether. If people have seen this video, they'll probably recognize who you are!

Have a great Halloween!

Thanks to Danielle for this addition.

Another Idea

To dress up as Amy Lee of Evanescence you will need to:

  • Use black hair spray if your hair isn't already black
  • Wear a black tank top, a red pleated skirt, ripped jeans under the skirt (optional)
  • If you wear the jeans, wear sneakers
  • If you don't wear the jeans, then wear a pair of black fishnet tights, a pair of white socks that come up to your knee, and lace up boots.
  • Flat iron your hair If you wore the jeans, put your hair back in a head band (or tie cloth around your head so that it looks like a headband) and if you didn't wear the jeans put your hair in a high pony tail.
  • Wear black gloves (arm warmers) (you can get the exact ones at a Hot Topic near you or they are the 3 stud ones. You will find them under gloves on the web site.
  • For your makeup: wear red or black eye shadow and mascara, foundation (if you're not pale) and raspberry lipstick (optional)
NOW YOU LOOK LIKE AMY LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Roger for this addition

Another Idea

To be Amy Lee in concert mode, what you need is:

    1. Long Black Hair (Dyed or a Wig)
    2. Black/Red/Purple corset with ribbons (or something to give it style)
    3. Red/Black/White/Purple shirt to go under the corset (not the same color as the corset)
    4. Longish (about to the mid calf) Black Punk Skirt (make it look uneven and a little poofy)
    5. Combat/ lace up boots
    6. Use powder or foundation to make your face look pale
    7. Crazy color eyes shadows such as... Red, Purple, Bright Pink, (yes, she DOES ware Pink) blue, orange, green, etc.
    8. Paint your nails black
    9. Red (bright or dark) lipstick/gloss
    10. Black Eyeliner and Mascara

Thanks to AlexsBaby for this addition

Another Idea

Here's what you need to do to look just like Amy Lee of Evanescence! It takes just a little bit longer than the other costumes, but it will be worth it! You'll look AMAZING!

What you need:

    1) Bright colored tights or knee high socks (no patterns! stripes are ok though!!)
    2) Long black skirt
    3) Platform boots (or converse sneakers if you don't have the boots)
    4) Black Corset or, if you don't have a corset, a black tank top
    5) Old sock, any color you want, but preferably bright (clean sock though)
    6) Bright (and I mean BRIGHT) eye shadow
    7) Black eyeliner
    8) Black wig (if you don't want to wear a wig, you can dye your hair before you do this, or if you are lucky your hair is already be dark)
    9) scissors
    10) an adult's help, or permission to use scissors & cut up clothes
What to do:
    Socks Or Tights: (This step is optional you can leave the tights whole if you want) Take the scissors and cut small holes in the tights or socks to give them a ripped up look.

    Skirt Put on the skirt, & cut it short enough to see your calves, but cut it in jagged lines, and rip a few pieces (But make sure its still long enough so that you are comfortable with the length!) make the skirt look ripped & torn, so you can show off your tights!

    Shoes You don't have to do anything to the shoes, just make sure they look cool with the outfit!

    Corset Make sure that the corset is comfortable enough for you to breathe deeply in! A black tank top will work well too if you don't have a corset, if you are using a tank top, rip the ends and make them slightly frayed.

    The sock this sock is going to be your arm warmer! make sure that the ankle part of the sock goes up a little bit past your wrist. Cut off the foot piece of the sock. take the piece that will be your arm warmer and put it on your hand.keep the sock over your hand and extend your thumb so it's poking the sock, take a marker & make a dot where your thumb is. Take off the arm warmer & cut around the dot so the hole is about the size of your thumb. its ok if its a little small, the sock should stretch out. You have your arm warmer!!!

    1) Put on the tights
    2) Put on the skirt
    3) Put on the shoes (the boots or converse)
    4) Put on the corset or tank top
    5) Put on the wig, or brush out your hair if you left it natural or dyed it
    6) Put the eyeliner on, make sure you put on a good amount (Be dramatic with your makeup!!!!)
    7) Put on the eye shadow, make it go over your lids a bit so it shows when your eyes are open (Be dramatic!!!)
    8) Put on your arm warmer!
Then: Your ready to go out & rock on Halloween!!!!! \m/!!!

Special thanks to Leslie for this very detailed addition!

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