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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Super Mario:

Big Red "Poor Boy" Hat, Take a peice of paper, Cut it out on a circle and put a big red M on it and put in the middle.

Face paint a big black moustache. As well as side burns.

Blue Sweatshirt with Red over-alls (sometimes hard to find). Brown boots. To make it a little more creative go out with a toilet plunger. don't forget White gloves or face paint your hands white.

Thanks to Nick in Canada for this clever idea!!!

Another Idea

You could be Mario from the game. A pair of blue overalls a red shirt and a red hat.

Make a moustache out of black felt .

It's quick and easy!

Thanks to Lori D. for this additional idea!!!

Another Idea

I took a pair of jean overalls, sewed two big yellow buttons where the overalls button. My son wore a red shirt and white gloves and a fake moustache and a poor boy hat that we got a Claires [store] and I cut a letter M out a piece of felt out of the self adhesive felt. He wore construction boots and everyone knew exactly who he was. He made the best Mario.

Thanks to Christina for this addition!

Another Idea

Get a policeman hat, spray paint it red, and hot glue a piece of white felt on with the letter M on it.

Buy or paint a black moustache.

Get a plain red shirt with some jean overalls.

Wear some puffy white gloves.

Thanks to Frankie for this addition.

Another Idea

A red poor boy hat, draw, paint, or cut out a white cirlcle and a red M, a fake mustach, maybe some fake sideburns, a red long-sleeved shirt, blue jean overalls, some white gloves. You can also draw 3 little black lines on them too if you want, a pair of brown shoes, and, if you want, you can paint the 2 buttons on the overalls yellow.

For extra likeness, when someone comes out to give you candy you can say "It's a me, Mario!", and if someone gives you a little candy or something you don't like, you can say "Ohhhhh, mama-mia!"

Thanks to Fran for this idea

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