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Tooth Fairy:

I was this two years ago , a tooth fairy.

What I did was buy a huge white T-shirt or you could wear a cheap white dress and I tied a blue ribbon around my waist and I drew a white tooth on my shirt.

I had a crown and glued floss to it. I had a toothbrush wand and I had received tooth earrings from a friend from a cheap trading store.

It turned out great and everyone came up to me saying how cute that idea was.

Thanks to Grace for this terrific idea!

Another Idea

List of things you'll need:

  • a pack of toothbrushes (blue)
  • a cheap white gown (dress) or leotard
  • a blue tutu
  • blue ribbon
  • sparkles
  • blue and white spray paint
  • silver or white flats or ballet shoes
  • light pink blush, eye shadow, and lipstick
I'm doing this for Halloween this year. I get a blue tutu and a cheap white dress (or you can a get a leotard, has to be white) that I cut to look cute under the tutu, then my aunt made a crown and wand of blue toothbrushes that she put together.

After that I put on my silver flats that I bought at Ross. I wrapped my hair in a fancy bun with the side of my hair twisted up. I bobby pin my crown to my hair so it doesn't fall.

I put on my flats and lightly spray white spray paint up my leg to just barely the knee. I lightly spray blue spray all around my hair. Then I lightly spray white and blue spray paint from my wrists to just barely my elbow.

Then I sprinkle glitter or sparkles all over me, especially in my hair and my cheeks. (try not to get in eyes!) then I apply my light pink (or salmon) blush, eye shadow, and lipstick. and then Voila! The perfect tooth fairy costume is complete!

Thanks to Amanda for this detailed idea!

Note: Use ONLY non-toxic spray paint especially suited for this use.

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